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  • Write Well! –Tips For Writing Your Dating Profile

    If I had a dollar for every time I read a dating profile that said “I don’t know what to say here” or “I don’t like to talk about myself,” I’d be a wealthy... Read More

  • Meet Someone IRL

    The statistics speak for themselves – scientists at the Pew Research Center say 88% of singles meet their mate in real life, not online.  In fact, only 5% of couples... Read More

  • Tips for being a good dater

    Most singles would probably consider themselves knowledgeable about dating, simply by virtue of exposure. By the time we are all adults, most singles have done quite a... Read More

  • Choose the Right Dating Site for You

    Competition is a good thing!  There are so many dating sites out there right now that you can, at the very least, find like-minded souls (think JDate or MeetMindful),... Read More

  • Introducing Dating OnDenver!

    In 1995, debuted as an online dating site for singles.  At that time, there was a stigma attached to meeting matches online vs. “the old fashioned way.” ... Read More

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