Tuesday - July 16, 2019
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Christine Rose Curry

July 12th, 2019
Runoff Pollution

  A Colorado native, Christine Rose Curry is a professional painter & muralist. Her home and studio are in the historic town of Louviers. She has a BFA with painting emphasis from the Metropolitan State University of Denver. To date, she has created several public murals, and her paintings have been shown throughout the Denver area. She’s also an associate member at EDGE Gallery.   Artist statement: Curry’s acrylic paintings engage the viewer with some form of narrative or dark humor by telling a story or conveying a certain message. These narrations range from social,... Read More


July 5th, 2019

ALEO is a painter and muralist based in Denver. He likes to paint his large scale murals freehand, using spray paint instead of brushes. Since 2013 ALEO’s work has been featured in numerous exhibitions throughout Colorado, California, Washington, and New Mexico. Keep an eye out for his upcoming shows at Threyda and Mirus this summer. “I enjoy creating visual diagrams with abstract forms,” says Aleo. “By mixing training with intuition, I can create that which could not exist along with that which appears to be from this world. Painting is the ebb and flow of form. Pushing... Read More