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Top 3 Things to do in Lakewood

Motto: “Tomorrow’s City, Today”

1. Catch the cliff divers at Casa Bonita

Maybe the best tourist trap to do in Colorado, period–Casa Bonita is more than just the “Mexican Disneyland” of South Park fame. As tourist trap-y as it gets, Casa Bonita is great, cheesy fun for locals as well, and provides a whole host of entertainment with the chlorine smell, notorious cliff divers, pirate treasure, and sopaipillas.

2. Visit the Lakewood Cultural Center

When you’re done getting a taste of “authentic” Mexican culture, head over to the Lakewood Cultural Center for some real cultural events. Located across from the Belmar shopping area, the Cultural Center hosts art exhibits, cultural classes, shows, and more! Get season tickets to ensure you can see everything they have to offer.

3. Visit Kendrick Lake Park

Kendrick Lake Park is a beautiful spot to go for a run or take your dog for a walk, complete with a playground, lake, and grills to spend time with the whole family. Park shelters can be rented to host activities including celebrations and family get-togethers.

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