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Ravi Zupa Releases New Set of Cheeky, Dog-Themed Matchboxes

Following the success of his drunk cat matchbox collaboration with Arna Miller, Ravi Zupa has released a new set of matchboxes, this time featuring canines.

The 10 designs depict various dog breeds paired with subtly humorous text that celebrates the complex personalities of our closest friends and family.

“These are the people in our lives with complicated dispositions and attitudes who never fail to bring us joy, even when they’re jerks,” Zupa explains. “This new set of matchboxes is an effort to give the overly expressive, stubborn, supportive, unpredictable, confused and self important beings in our lives the recognition they deserve.”

Printed by hand using a woodblock printing process, the three-color matchbox prints are made with oil-based intaglio ink and come with tiny certificates of authenticity resting in the matchbox tray.

Learn more about the printing process in this video.


The new open edition designs (as well as the drunk cat matchboxes and posters) are all available for sale in Zupa’s online store. Screen printed posters (11” x 17”) are also available for pre-order. Join Zupa’s email list to be notified of future releases & receive special discount codes.

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