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Robert Bell

September 7th, 2019

Born in Japan and raised in Colorado, Rob grew up sketching and painting people in native landscapes. His parents’ eastern influence fueled his passion for art and culture, a foundation he continues to draw upon daily. Rob attended Colorado State University for a bachelor degree in Graphic Design and then the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston for graduate studies in studio arts. Upon returning to Denver in 2007 he promptly began expressing himself through abstract painting. Around 2014, he started exhibiting his most current abstract figure work using all of his past experience in drawing,... Read More

Aleece Henman

August 31st, 2019

Aleece Henman is a Denver raised artist, designer, and poet. She’s always had a vivid imagination and enjoyed expressing herself through many different mediums. Her mother recognized her talent at a young age and nurtured her creative spirit by crafting at home as well as exploring additional arts and crafts classes and activities. She holds a BS in Visual Communications from Westwood College. For the past few years she’s been living her dream, showing her art in local galleries. Her work is currently on display at Spectra and Mad Alchemist Tattoo Shop in Aurora. Henman’s portraiture... Read More

Jane Christie

August 24th, 2019

Jane Christie has been an active artist practically all of her life. She studied art at the Atlanta High Museum of Art, University of Georgia, Denver Art Museum and Art Students League of Denver. Jane has taught workshops at Saks Galleries, Foothills Art Center, Center for the Arts Evergreen and for Pastel Society of Colorado. Jane’s paintings not only reflect her love of nature, but her love of color, light, and the impressionistic style. Her goal is to share her artistic passion and love of art through the paintings she creates. Jane enjoys painting plein air and painting in her studio. Artist... Read More

Annamarie Mead

August 18th, 2019

Annamarie is a native West Virginian who has made Colorado her home for over 40 years. She is an award-winning artist living in Genesee. Annamarie’s work can be seen in shows around Colorado. She is the president of the Evergreen Artists Association and is collected nationally. As a lifelong creator, Annamarie has always had her head in the clouds while she walked in nature, being guided by a force beyond herself. Abstract art became her way of expressing nature through the light and beauty she saw and felt everywhere. Annamarie approaches her canvases with intuitive marks and gestures full of... Read More

James Andre’

August 10th, 2019

From growing up in small town, South Carolina, all the way to the big city lights of Mile High, artist James Andre’ indulged in his original style in oil and acrylic paintings. Mr. Andre’ often explores his lucid state of dreaming to conceptualize or ‘see’ his artwork before he even touches the canvas. Lucid dreaming is the act of being aware of your dream state, and in turn, creating a world with limitless opportunities. This is where James Andre’ goes to paint. It is this method of conceptualization that sets him apart from other artists. Mr. Andre’s unique... Read More


August 3rd, 2019

That5280Lady’s artwork is inspired by all things music and the city that raised her.  As a Denver, Colorado native, a former DJ, lighting tech, roadie and self-proclaimed audiophile, she is no stranger to the music industry and how it has a pulse of its own. Adelina Gonzales is both a multidisciplinary artist and creative entrepreneur that is best known for her innovative and creative approach using recycled materials. As a visual artist, her concepts of combining trashed drum heads, vinyl records, and lighting gel with LED lights have sparked and created unique, never before seen concepts... Read More

Kaitlin Ziesmer

July 20th, 2019

Kaitlin Ziesmer is a visual artist from Denver. Since 2009, she’s been delighting audiences with playful juxtapositions of people, animals, and iconic characters from her childhood. She’s been featured in dozens of solo and group shows nationwide and abroad. You can see Ziesmer’s latest solo series at Ironton Gallery and Distillery through the end of the month. Check out her website at  Read More

Christine Rose Curry

July 12th, 2019
Runoff Pollution

  A Colorado native, Christine Rose Curry is a professional painter & muralist. Her home and studio are in the historic town of Louviers. She has a BFA with painting emphasis from the Metropolitan State University of Denver. To date, she has created several public murals, and her paintings have been shown throughout the Denver area. She’s also an associate member at EDGE Gallery.   Artist statement: Curry’s acrylic paintings engage the viewer with some form of narrative or dark humor by telling a story or conveying a certain message. These narrations range from social,... Read More


July 5th, 2019

ALEO is a painter and muralist based in Denver. He likes to paint his large scale murals freehand, using spray paint instead of brushes. Since 2013 ALEO’s work has been featured in numerous exhibitions throughout Colorado, California, Washington, and New Mexico. Keep an eye out for his upcoming shows at Threyda and Mirus this summer. “I enjoy creating visual diagrams with abstract forms,” says Aleo. “By mixing training with intuition, I can create that which could not exist along with that which appears to be from this world. Painting is the ebb and flow of form. Pushing... Read More