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3-Day Road Trip Adventure:  Day 3–Pagosa Springs

November 16th, 2017

If you’re looking for a place for relaxation then Pagosa Springs is a great choice.  It is a small-quaint town with a lot of personality.  It’s about a 5-hour drive (one-way) from Denver with glorious scenic views along the way but only a 3-hour drive from Ouray, where I had started my journey to Pagosa Springs.  This was my last stop to my three day Colorado road trip and I was looking forward to a little pampering.   Things to Do: The Springs Resort and Spa (Hot Springs):  Enjoy their 18 hot springs pool with varying temperature degrees for just $26 (adults) and $14 (child). ... Read More

3-Day Colorado Road Trip Adventure: Day 2–Ouray

November 9th, 2017

Day two of my 3-Day road trip set me off to Ouray, also known as the Switzerland of America.  I decided to stop at their Visitor Center on Main Street (worth the stop).  I was assisted by Heidi who was very helpful and provided me with a map of the area that showed the streets of the town and Perimeter trail, a 5.9 mile trail that wraps around this tiny quaint city.  She marked on the map must see sights throughout the trail such as Cascade Falls and Box Canyon Falls, she also shared the shortcuts to each location if I didn’t desire to hike the entire trail. Since I wanted to make most... Read More

3-Day Colorado Road Trip Adventure: Day 1–Aspen

November 2nd, 2017

Early October I decided to take a last minute three day Colorado road trip.  I wanted the trip to include some fun and adventurous activities along with some relaxation.  I narrowed down my options to Aspen, Ouray, and Pagosa Springs and I would spend the night at each location.  My first stop would be Aspen.  The drive to Aspen during the Fall is glorious especially if you take the Independence Pass route (closed during the winter).  I must say there were a few scary turns where my heart was racing from pure terror due to the narrowness of the road but the views were spectacular. You will... Read More

Faces of Denver – Madelaine Mideri Wong

August 13th, 2017

Meet Madelaine “Maddie” Mideri Wong, originally from Jakarta, Indonesia.  In 2011, while visiting her sister whom at the time was attending Bible School at Windsor, Colorado, Maddie made the decision to attend Bible School at Windsor as well.  During her visit in Colorado she enjoyed the beautiful landscapes and the more relaxed environment, “I liked the vibe…it was nice and chill.  Jakarta is the New York of Indonesia, it’s very fast pace, you have to be on the go and I wanted to have a break from that.” So in 2012, she returned to Colorado and while attending Bible School she... Read More

Faces of Denver – Tracy Walker!

July 9th, 2017

Meet Tracy Walker, a traveling nurse or should I say a gypsy at heart who has recently made Colorado her new home!  She’s an Ohio native who discovered at an early age her love for travel and has made it her mission to visit as many countries as possible. Tracy has 33 countries already under her belt and her next destination in sight is Peru where she wishes to hike up to Machu Picchu, the famous ancient Inca ruins city, also a UNESCO world heritage site and also one of her top bucket list items. But traveling is not the only thing Tracy is very passionate about, she is also very passionate... Read More

Faces of Denver – Arlene Garcia Gunderson!

June 22nd, 2017

Meet Arlene Garcia Gunderson, founder and owner of Veditz, “which is the first online, mobile, on-demand and live interactive video chat tutoring platform for the Deaf and hearing who wants to learn ASL (American Sign Language) or are simply visual learners regardless of where they are or what device they are using – PC, Mac, Chromebook, or Apple iOS or Android smartphone or tablet devices. Deaf students and people including, hearing people can now get tutoring in many subjects and other interested topics (math, science, ASL, and more) with tutoring delivered in ASL online in their homes”,... Read More

Faces of Denver – Sophia T. Bohall!

June 8th, 2017

Sophia T. Bohall grew up on the east coast outside of Washington, D.C., in Clarksville, Maryland.  Although she was raised in a metropolitan area she craved a more laid back environment so after graduating High School she jetted off to Arizona State University (ASU), “I only applied to colleges where you could wear flip-flops year round, that was my criteria, I really didn’t want to go to college and my parents were like you’re going to college.” She majored in Criminal Justice and by a fluke she minored in Sign Language, ASU required a Foreign Language for her Major but learning a Foreign... Read More

Faces of Denver – Marisa Oldefest!

June 4th, 2017

  Meet Marisa Oldefest, a Colorado native and former ballet dancer who 20 years ago experienced an auto accident that would forever change her path in life.  “In my early twenties I was in an auto accident where I got a pretty bad whiplash neck injury, so I put dance on hold and I was going through physical therapy and massage therapy—taking this pain pill, taking this muscle relaxer—almost a year and half of chronic pain and I wasn’t getting any better.  I couldn’t work and it was my massage therapist that found out I was a dancer and she was like “I really think you would... Read More

Faces of Denver – Alex Rivera!

June 1st, 2017

  Meet Alex Rivera, originally from Isabela, a small town in the Northwest coast of Puerto Rico. After attending his brother’s wedding in Denver in 1998, he decided to move out here himself in April of 1999.  Six months later, he was a self-employed contractor accomplishing mostly residential remodels.  Back in 2011, Alex and his wife Diana, started a part-time Puerto Rican food truck business in Lakewood but after a few months they decided to call it quits, “we were just testing the waters and it was going pretty well, but again, back then I was still doing construction, I... Read More

Faces of Denver – Benda Holder!

May 28th, 2017

Benda is originally from Hickory, North Carolina but moved to Dallas-Fort Worth as a child and lived there until three years ago when she made the big decision to follow her heart and move to Denver.  She is a realtor at Your Castle Real Estate, “I love getting to meet people and getting to socialize as part of your business and it’s really fun to get to help people, when you see someone move into a great house that they love and they’re really excited about and they’re almost in tears because they are so happy to be moving into their new place, it’s really exciting.” When she’s... Read More