OnDenver’s own, Katy Kane, is not only a columnist that writes for the website on art galleries, she herself is also a talented painter and artist.

Kane has been creative her entire life, some of her earliest memories include drawing all over her bedroom walls and creating murals in her room as a child “My parents didn’t care too much about the drawing on the walls, I think that is where my art and creativity started.”

Her inspirations come from a few various sources. Kane’s spirituality and belief in God being one, another comes from her own personal travels and experiences. Having lived in Lebanon and traveled to different places she has used images from her life to put onto canvas.

Kane paints the people in her artwork blue or green to which it symbolizes moods and feelings, or maybe a god like nature to them. “I studied anthropology and have always been interested in other ways of life. So maybe that is why I paint the people those colors.”

Kane’s work varies from themes like landscapes, people, water, animals, and so much more. Using a broad range of colors, while focusing on the bright and vivid, Kane creates incredible pieces that seemingly have endless details.


To find more of Katy’s work, check out her website at www.katytheartist.wixsite.com/katytheartist


Also search for her on Facebook at Katy L. Kane




Etsy at Katy L. Kane


Graham Rendell is a native of Colorado, growing up in Evergreen, Denver, and Steamboat throughout various points of his life. He attended Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota where he completed his BA in Journalism and Public Relations. He also completed an Art minor due to his passion for photography. Not only is he an avid photographer and writer, but a passionate musician as well. When he is not taking pictures around Denver or writing, he is likely to be found playing guitar with his band, or teaching students how to play the instrument that has made a profound impact on his life. Graham is looking to further use his skills in writing and photography in the photojournalism field to promote not just his own work, but the beautiful state that he has spent the majority of his life in.