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Eldorado Canyon State Park

July 4th, 2021

Tucked away in the Boulder Valley is the historical Eldorado Canyon State Park. It may be small, but it’s one of my personal favorites. As many times as I’ve been, I’m always awestruck by the sheer magnitude of the quartzite cliffs and the vastness of the canyon. South Boulder Creek runs through it, adding to the wild-west feeling that emanates from the place. Best of all, now is the perfect time of year to visit. The parking lot is always at capacity during the summer, but it should be clear for a few more weeks. The park is especially famous for its rock climbing routes – there are... Read More

Is Fishing a Sport?

July 26th, 2019

On my way to the gym last Saturday morning, I took the opportunity to listen to a little sports radio, hoping to find out the latest news on the Rockies, Broncos, or other local sports. Instead, the topic of conversation was about trout fishing. As I double-checked the station to confirm that I was listening to sports talk radio and not NPR, the host rambled on about fishing on the Roaring Fork River. There are three questions that have baffled mankind since the existence of time. Is there life after death? What came first, the chicken or the egg? And is fishing really a sport? Step one in my journey... Read More

Hiking in Evergreen

February 3rd, 2018

Recently, I wrote about hiking in Conifer as an alternative to more popular locations like Boulder and Golden. Another quiet spot that’s easy to get to is Evergreen. It’s a bit bigger than Conifer and offers a wide range of activities. For hikers, there are plenty of options in Evergreen, including Elk Meadow Park and Alderfer/Three Sisters Park. Each has over 14 miles of pet and bike friendly trails that are easy to moderate. Elk Meadow features wide open spaces and—you guessed it—plenty of elk. For something less strenuous, take Painter’s Pause to Noble Meadow (2 miles one way). For... Read More

3-Day Colorado Road Trip Adventure: Day 1–Aspen

November 2nd, 2017

Early October I decided to take a last minute three day Colorado road trip.  I wanted the trip to include some fun and adventurous activities along with some relaxation.  I narrowed down my options to Aspen, Ouray, and Pagosa Springs and I would spend the night at each location.  My first stop would be Aspen.  The drive to Aspen during the Fall is glorious especially if you take the Independence Pass route (closed during the winter).  I must say there were a few scary turns where my heart was racing from pure terror due to the narrowness of the road but the views were spectacular. You will... Read More

Happy Fall from Steamboat!

September 22nd, 2017

I drove up to Steamboat on Thursday for a bachelorette party. And let me tell you…the drive was gorgeous! The leaves are changing colors, the wildlife is romping in the meadows, and the temperatures are great for outdoor activities. Below you will find five reasons you should visit steamboat before the first snowfall and one reason you should visit once the snow comes. Fall is in full swing- Awe yes. It is that time of year when temperatures start cooling off, which causes the leaves to change colors. Just looking out my window, I see gold everywhere. It is breath taking. The air is cool and... Read More

Wyoming: More than just a place to see a solar eclipse

August 26th, 2017

Where you one of the thousands people that trekked up to Wyoming for the eclipse? Did you notice how beautiful Wyoming was? With Labor Day right around the corner and camping on your mind, it is time to think about going back to Wyoming and here is why. Wyoming offers great fishing and camping at a very reasonable price. Wyoming has plenty of options for tent, car, and rv campers. You can even find free camping in multiple places. If you are traveling on a budget, check out this list of 95 free camping spots in Wyoming. This should help you start planning your trip on a budget! The fishing in... Read More

Fishing in Colorado For Beginners- The Basics

June 16th, 2017

“One, two, three, four, five. Once I caught a fish alive. Six, seven, eight, nine, ten. Then I let him go again.” Have you been fishing yet this year? With the weather forecast in the 80’s for Father’s Day weekend, I can’t think of a reason not to go fishing! Not sure how to prepare for a day of fishing? I’ve got you covered. Below are the three big planning steps. One: License If you are going to fish, Colorado requires you to have a license. And for only $26, you get a year of fishing fun. The season goes from April 1, 2017 to March 31, 2018. So, get it quick to make sure you get... Read More