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Outdoor Responsibility

July 3rd, 2021

Hike Responsibly It might be tempting to venture off the trail, but doing so not only risks injury or getting lost, you could be trampling protected habitats. Even if the trail is muddy or icy, don’t veer off into the grass. It might seem harmless, but when hundreds of people start doing it…you get the idea. Oh, and those narrow, dirt paths that seem to be shortcuts? Those are most likely deer migration paths. Best to stay off of them. For those hiking with friends – make sure you communicate and have an emergency plan. Earlier this year in Vail, a backcountry skier died when he and his... Read More

Teach Your Dog to Bike with You!

June 22nd, 2019

I love summer in Colorado. I love hiking, biking, and camping. And I especially love to do those activities with my dog. Teaching my dog to hike and camp was easy, but teaching my loyal companion to bike was another story. I love biking for exercise and ending at a brewery to reward myself; but I hated leaving my pup at home. So, I taught him to bike with me! This week I decided to share my experiences and five-step process. Acclimate the Dog Bikes can be scary for our four legged friends. So, it is very important to let them sniff the bike in a nonthreatening way. As your dog sniffs the bike,... Read More

Enjoy Spring Cycling Safely!

May 17th, 2018

May is National Bike Month and Bike to Work Day isn’t far behind, so now is the perfect time to dust off the bike, lube the chain, pump up the tires and take a ride. Don’t have a bike? B-cycle is a public bicycle sharing company based in Waterloo, Wisconsin. It has 47 local systems operating in cities across the United States. With the increasing number of cyclists commuting and riding recreationally it is more important than ever to understand the etiquette and rules of the road for riding a bike. Whether on the bike path or a street, you are a vehicle with the same rights and responsibilities... Read More

Happy Fall from Steamboat!

September 22nd, 2017

I drove up to Steamboat on Thursday for a bachelorette party. And let me tell you…the drive was gorgeous! The leaves are changing colors, the wildlife is romping in the meadows, and the temperatures are great for outdoor activities. Below you will find five reasons you should visit steamboat before the first snowfall and one reason you should visit once the snow comes. Fall is in full swing- Awe yes. It is that time of year when temperatures start cooling off, which causes the leaves to change colors. Just looking out my window, I see gold everywhere. It is breath taking. The air is cool and... Read More

Biking from Denver to Golden on the Clear Creek Trail

July 21st, 2017

Are you in Denver and you want to do something fun this weekend, but you do not want to drive? Did you know you can bike from Denver to Golden using the Clear Creek Trail? This trail is great to have a nice relaxing ride and the best part is, there is beer on both ends of the trail! The Clear Creek Trail is a well-kept wide bike path extending 20 miles. The end points are Platte River Trail north of I-76 in Welby and US 6 in Golden. Throughout the ride you will pass through Adams county, Denver County, and Jefferson County. This trail is mostly concrete and well kept. There is a small break I... Read More

Apex Park Adventures

July 14th, 2017

Looking for a fun place to bike or hike this weekend? Look no further, I have the perfect place. Lookout Mountain in Golden offers a lot of unique hiking areas. One of my personal favorites is the Apex Park, which is made up of 8 trails creating 9.6 miles of adventure. The Apex Park offers breath-taking beauty, fresh mountain air, wildflowers, wildlife, and of course exercise! This area is well-known for its biking and hiking. It is considered moderate when it comes to difficulty. Hikers, feel free to roam freely on Bonanza, Grubstake Loop, Hardscrabble, Pick’N Sledge, Apex, Argos, Enchanted... Read More