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Archive for May 2017

Strong to the Core

Everyone who has worked out in a fitness center or Crossfit class, with a personal trainer or on your own, read an article or even talked with a gym rat – knows about the core. “Strengthen your core,”  “Work on your core,” “Feel it in your core.”  But what does it mean to say you […]

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Faces of Denver – Thomas Charlton and Davi Salmin

Thomas and Davi are both international graduate students studying Chemical Engineering at The Colorado School of Mines. Thomas came here on exchange and was supposed to only be here for a year; however, he has already extended that by 6 months. Davi has been here for 3 years, first living in Golden then moving to […]

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Spoiler Alert, Marijuana Makes Money!

On any average day, I would say I see more out-of-state visitors than Colorado ones. So, for the sake of this blog, I began asking customers their thoughts on how long they think it will be until they see any kind of a legalization within their own states. The response I got from most people […]

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Siemian or Lynch?

It is never too early to discuss Bronco football, and the topic is a familiar one. Who should be the Broncos starting quarterback on opening day? Trevor Siemian or Paxton Lynch? The Siemian doubters may question his health, his 7th round pedigree, and his questionable upside. The Lynch supporters may look at the strong-armed, 6’7, […]

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Denver capital progressive laws

Denver Colorado: A Very Progressive Place To Be — Most of The Time

  It’s not a secret, Colorado is known as being one of the more liberal states out there. In Denver alone for example, 73.59% of the population identifies as being liberal. From our regularly outspoken citizens, to our love of free speech, art, beauty and people’s rights in general, Colorado certainly has made a name […]

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Faces of Denver – Michael “Santa” Thein!

Meet Michael “Santa” Thein. The Santa nickname coming from what people like to call him, and between his physical appearance and persona, it is an accurately fitting name. Michael is a very buoyant, upbeat character, radiating with charm as he sits in his wheelchair on the corner of 16th and Champa. He sits with a […]

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Faces of Denver – Benda Holder!

Benda is originally from Hickory, North Carolina but moved to Dallas-Fort Worth as a child and lived there until three years ago when she made the big decision to follow her heart and move to Denver.  She is a realtor at Your Castle Real Estate, “I love getting to meet people and getting to socialize as […]

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