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The New MasterSounds

December 18th, 2018

I showed up because I was promised snacks. My editor coaxed me to attend a benefit at the Ogden Theater this weekend with the promise of a pair of VIP packages. Each was supposed to include One General Admission ticket Meet & greet and hors d’oeuvres w/ The New Mastersounds & DJ Williams Shots Fired Access to the VIP Viewing area Color Red Vinyl Package and 2 Color Red IPAs (21+ ONLY) I had no idea what a “Color Red Vinyl Package” was. I still don’t. I also didn’t see a single snack the whole time. I left my muggle job early (I work second shift) and wiggled into my concert... Read More

Collidoscope at Pearl’s/Your Mom’s House

January 30th, 2018

The better the band, the later they play. This sometimes-inconvenient reality dictated that the band I was going to see didn’t start until, technically, the day *after* the date stamped on the ticket. I found myself shivering on an ice-caked sidewalk at half past midnight, clutching a ticket and thinking seriously about the wisdom of late-night shows after the age of 30. The sidewalk was outside Pearl’s/Your Mom’s House, a bar/music venue that opened just about a year ago in Capitol Hill. A guy with multiple facial tattoos checked my ID (“Reynaldo” on the cheekbone... Read More