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Archive for September 2017

Fish Creek Falls Hiking- Steamboat Springs

Fall is here, the air is crisp, and the leaves are changing quickly. This is the perfect time of year to plan a hike in Steamboat Springs. The one I highly suggest is Fish Creek Falls. Fish Creek Falls is only 4.4 miles outside town. It is actually a 283-foot waterfall in a state park. […]

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Cannabis, Stress, and Mental Health

Having recently made a personal commitment to achieve a better work life balance, I find myself feeling encouraged to talk about stress, mental health, and even share a bit about my own life’s stressors. Mental health is very important, and the stress of life’s bountiful challenges can take a toll on it very quickly. Gary […]

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Beer With a Cause

Denver has never been shy about being a lush–but with great power comes great responsibility, as they say, and I am proud that the beer community in Denver often uses its brimming love for the craft to do as much good in as possible. There is a special interest beer on several taproom menus that […]

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Avalanche Season Preview

    A new season is upon us, and for Avalanche fans everywhere, many question whether or not they should even tune in. One cannot blame them after witnessing the disastrous 48-point season of last year. Not only was it the worst year the franchise has had in its existence since 1996, but also a […]

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Your Walking Pace May Determine Your Longevity

It’s long been known that improving your physical fitness is associated with living a longer life. Studies show that past age 65, your walking speed at your natural pace is a surprisingly reliable predictor of survival. The study looked at the natural gait speed of more than 34,000 participants age 65 and older from nine previous studies. These studies followed […]

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