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Giuda and MF Ruckus at The Bluebird

September 7th, 2019

The Bluebird Theater is an East Colfax classic and a favorite of anyone who knows how to have a good time. They bring in a wide variety of local and touring bands with live shows almost every night of the week. I thought they might book some more mellow artists to recover from last weekend’s Hex Fest, but I was wrong. They’ve announced a show next Saturday that you should already be getting stoked for: September 14th, The Bluebird welcomes Giuda and MF Ruckus. Rome is an ancient city known worldwide as a mecca for art, knowledge, architecture, and a pivot point for all of western civilization.... Read More

Faces of Denver

April 13th, 2018

John Demitro has been playing music around the Denver area since he was a child. He and his sisters started picking up instruments before high school and gradually started playing together as they grew up. Originally, he was in a band with his sister, Lulu, as the Branded Bandits and eventually took on the title of Pink Fuzz. He played drums for both bands before joining forces with Demi in The Velveteers. It isn’t often that you see a family of musicians working together but John believes that working with family is better because he can count on his sisters being brutally honest during the... Read More

Faces of Denver – Random Temple!

June 26th, 2017

Meet Random, (yes, that is his actual name) a multi-skilled Denver musician with a nice set of golden locks that makes others jealous. Random Temple, which has to be one of the most intriguing names ever, has lived in Denver for 5 years. He was born in Eugene, Oregon under, according to him, parents that were hippie-esque and avid followers of the Grateful Dead. He spent a chunk of his childhood going to Grateful Dead concerts with his parents; probably being credited as the beginning of his exposure to the music world. Even though he was born in Eugene, he spent a good portion of his life growing... Read More