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Healthy Lion Cub Born at Denver Zoo

Denver Zoo announced today that 7-year-old African lion Neliah gave birth to a healthy cub a few days ago, thanks to father Tobias, who arrived at Denver Zoo in January. The Zoo has been hoping for a new cub as part of the Lion Species Survival Plan. This plan works to ensure lion populations are […]

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Woodlands & Wyverns

It’s never too late to enter the Dungeon!!! I’ve never done any role-playing games before, since my mother had warned me that it was a portal to demonic possession (long story—buy me a beer to hear the whole thing), but 2019 is the year to try something new, demons be damned. Mark Zuckerberg, a true […]

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Bear Caught Stealing Dispensary’s Dumpster

A bear, now nicknamed “Cheeseburger,” was caught on camera outside of a Lyons dispensary attempting to break into the Dumpster. When he was unable to break into the Dumpster, he decided to just walk away with the entire Dumpster. Nikko Garza, the dispensary’s manager jokingly said that the bear is “showing initiative” and looking for […]

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A Hollywood Fairy Tale

When Quentin Tarantino’s debut feature Reservoir Dogs was released in 1992, the American film industry was in crisis. Cracks were appearing in the star system. Mainstream films were flopping at the box office. Audiences wanted something, anything new, and Hollywood didn’t know what to give them. For a moment, there was a window for Tarantino […]

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Hemp for Fitness

Hemp fibers are strong and can be grown without herbicides or pesticides, making it an environmentally friendly material. It also takes 3 times less water than cotton and cleans and replenishes soil. This makes natural hemp-made products better for people, animals, and the environment. More and more people are becoming conscious of how they impact […]

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Is Fishing a Sport?

On my way to the gym last Saturday morning, I took the opportunity to listen to a little sports radio, hoping to find out the latest news on the Rockies, Broncos, or other local sports. Instead, the topic of conversation was about trout fishing. As I double-checked the station to confirm that I was listening […]

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Colorado Police Officer Goes Above and Beyond Helping Young Boy

A Broomfield police officer, Carolyn Becker, went above and beyond the line of duty last year to donate a piece of her liver to a complete stranger last year, and eleven year old boy whose liver was failing. The officer did not know the young boy, but wanted to help once she discovered that she […]

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Vitamin D–A Supplement That Works!

Nearly 114 million Americans—roughly half the adult population—take at least one nutritional supplement. Scientific investigations conducted have failed to confirm that supplements, particularly multi-vitamins, work. So, if multi-vitamins are not effective, are there any supplements that are effective? The answer is yes! About 70% of Americans don’t get enough vitamin D. Typically, we get vitamin […]

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Mountain Lion Captured on Surveillance Cam

Colorado Wildlife Officials are telling residents to keep an eye on young children and animals after several mountain lions have been spotted in the foothills over the last few days. Recently, several people saw mountain lions in Loveland, and officials confirmed that there have been at least two previous sightings earlier this year in Loveland […]

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JASHON SYKES—Multitask with Jarvis & Dad

Renowned linebacker from the 1998-2001 University of Colorado Boulder football team Jashon Sykes has a new way to inspire crowds. This time, his work focuses on the youth through his latest children’s book, Multitask with Jarvis & Dad. His book was published in February 2019 and has since taken him touring all over the nation. […]

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