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Archive for December 2015

Rage Against The Machine

There’s a line in Adam McKay’s new film, The Big Short, that perfectly encapsulates what the film means and how its characters relate to it. “The truth is like poetry. And everyone f**king hates poetry.” When we’re children, we’re taught to share, to be nice, to behave in a fundamentally decent way. Theoretically, anyway. As we get […]

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Are You Imbalanced?

We all have occasion to overuse certain muscles while others are underused. Muscles remember frequently used motor patterns and do them automatically. The overused muscles can become tight, inflamed and irritated, while underused muscles grow weak, which can lead to injury. You can reduce the amount of uneven stress being placed on your body by […]

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Bringing Balance To The Force

Back in the old days of 2009, you might remember that J.J. Abrams rebooted the Star Trek franchise. Abrams took a series that had lain dormant and supercharged it. When we think of Star Trek, we think of sci-fi that’s a bit cerebral, that’s a little stately, and that’s focused more on exploration. “Screw that,” Abrams said. Instead, […]

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‘Fit’ To Be President

This week CNN reported the results of Donald Trump’s physical. It’s tradition for candidates, although not usually this early, to get a report on their health from a physician. It shows that the candidate is hale and hearty and ready for service.   Trump’s doctor declared him to be the healthiest candidate ever. I seriously doubt […]

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Is It Wrong To Root For The Whale?

Okay, folks, time for a thought experiment. Imagine you’re a whale, a sperm whale to be precise, living in the year 1820. While most of your kind measures 50 feet long, you’re a big sucker that’s around 85 feet long. You spend your days hanging out with your pod, hunting squid, enjoying the freedom of the […]

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Living Well During the Holidays

During the holidays, advice about coping with the mountains of food available to us abounds. The most common advice about eating includes tips designed to help you eat less, but really just take away from the joy of the holiday season. So, I’m not going to tell you to have a snack before you go […]

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Welcome To The Bullet Ballet

The last day of Tyshawn Lee’s life was November 2, a little over a month ago. His father was a gang member, and he was involved in a beef with a rival gang. It’s unclear to what extent Tyshawn understood this. Odds are, he just cared about the regular things kids care about, like basketball. […]

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Well-being Delivered

This fall I started receiving a subscription to a meal kit service – a weekly delivery of the ingredients and recipes to prepare meals for the week.  My thought at the time is that I would enjoy having my meals planned for me, complete with ingredients, but still have the pleasure of cooking for myself.  […]

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The Sweet Science

I believe in the concept of parallel universes, alternate dimensions that exist alongside our own. Within these universes, things are largely the same, with a few differences here and there. In one of these universes, a young actor named Sylvester Stallone made some slightly different decisions regarding his budding film career. As a result of […]

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At Night I Can’t Sleep, In the Morning I Can’t Wake Up

Do you get enough sleep?  Most Americans don’t because we have trouble “turning off” our brains.  Sleep is critical for not only recharging your mental and physical batteries, but also healing and even controlling our appetites. How much sleep do adults need? The National Sleep Foundation recommends 7-9 hours for adults. Because each individual has […]

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