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3-Day Colorado Road Trip Adventure: Day 1–Aspen

November 2nd, 2017

Early October I decided to take a last minute three day Colorado road trip.  I wanted the trip to include some fun and adventurous activities along with some relaxation.  I narrowed down my options to Aspen, Ouray, and Pagosa Springs and I would spend the night at each location.  My first stop would be Aspen.  The drive to Aspen during the Fall is glorious especially if you take the Independence Pass route (closed during the winter).  I must say there were a few scary turns where my heart was racing from pure terror due to the narrowness of the road but the views were spectacular. You will... Read More

Midwestern Road Trip: Yes, Denver Isn’t the Only City With Good Beer!

August 13th, 2017

  This past week I enjoyed my last week of summer traveling 800 miles to Branson, Missouri and back for our annual midwestern road trip and we made sure to stop at several hot spots along the way there and back. My husband and I braced ourselves for our first week long trip with long driving hours with our 8 month old daughter, and spacing out having a beer every few hours seemed to be the key to preventing all of us from losing our minds (pro-road trip with kids tip, btw). We were pretty darn close to hitting every brewery on our route, with the exception of a few Kansas City breweries... Read More