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James Andre’

August 10th, 2019

From growing up in small town, South Carolina, all the way to the big city lights of Mile High, artist James Andre’ indulged in his original style in oil and acrylic paintings. Mr. Andre’ often explores his lucid state of dreaming to conceptualize or ‘see’ his artwork before he even touches the canvas. Lucid dreaming is the act of being aware of your dream state, and in turn, creating a world with limitless opportunities. This is where James Andre’ goes to paint. It is this method of conceptualization that sets him apart from other artists. Mr. Andre’s unique... Read More

Clayton Lane Fine Arts

January 12th, 2019
La Nature en Silence, Andre Desjardins

Clayton Lane Fine Art is a gallery in Cherry Creek that prides itself on an expansive collection of works from world-class artists, showing exclusive works and special editions from more than fifty well-established names. They specialize in realism, impressionism, and abstractionism. Their exhibitions cover many types of media including paintings, sculptures of various sizes, and intricate bronzes. Regardless of your art experience, Clayton Lane caters to all levels of art lovers and collectors. Their latest exhibition is a solo show by artist Andre Desjardins. Desjardins is an accomplished artist... Read More