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Art And Denver: A Look At Denver’s Art Scene Today And Throughout The Years

June 5th, 2017
Denver art

There’s no doubt that Denver is a great city to live in and visit if you’re a fan of the arts. From the historic Denver Art Museum, to the Preforming Arts Complex, awesome street art and more, Denver has become one of the biggest cities for the arts in America today. In fact, as Denver continues to increase in size, it seems like the city itself is becoming more and more of a hub for culture and the arts, now drawing in many who may have traditionally headed off to places such as Chicago or NYC to practice, prefect and share their crafts. That said, while the current Denver art scene is certainly... Read More

Faces of Denver – Kathryn Morin

May 27th, 2017

Kathryn is an artist from Anchorage, Alaska. She arrived in Denver yesterday and has already been amazed by the ever-changing weather for which Colorado is known. Kathryn was surprised by the size of Denver but has enjoyed the people, saying they seem “very outdoorsy,” which reminds her of home. While she’s just starting to get to know the city, Kathryn has been a bit overwhelmed with the driving here, as Denver’s road systems are significantly more complex than those of Anchorage. While Kathryn has no formal training in art, she has been practicing as long as she’s been walking. A teacher... Read More