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August 8th, 2018
Mindful Monday_Comparisons

No two granules of sand are alike, no two snowflakes identical, no two people the same. In all the ways we are extraordinarily similar, we’re distinctly unique. The similar composition with which we are comprised tends to allow us to more readily compare our self to others and this is typically done from a singular, outward view. However, each of our existences are fundamentally different where one minor detail within our field of experience has the ability to leave us miles apart from someone else of equal composition within any number of days, let alone years. One slight degree of separation... Read More


July 28th, 2018

Velorama is returning to Blake Street August 17th-19th. This will be the festival’s second time here, and it’s picking up momentum. This is a mix of music, art, craft beers, delicious food, and of course bikes, to create a smorgasbord of good times. Velorama began with the idea to expand the Colorado Classic, a bike race, into a bigger event. Music and food were the logical next step. Now we have a three-day festival with tons of awesome events. In addition to the music, there are eleven different breweries participating, and of course, a food truck for every appetite. On Sunday, the last leg... Read More

Write Club!

April 3rd, 2018

Our great literary lights are very often, shall we say, “lacking in superfluous vigor”? So many have been indoorsy, reclusive navel-gazers, with biceps as thin as their pencils and a severe tendency to dwell in their fevered imaginations. Nobody would mistake Charles Dickens for an outdoorsman or Herman Melville for a great party guest. Stephen King doesn’t prompt ideation about feats of strength.  Of course, until I have written, published, and achieved universal renown as the author of the Great American Novel, I really can’t throw many stones at any other writer.  But I do hold... Read More