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The Denver Milk Market in the Dairy Block

June 27th, 2018
The Denver Milk Market

It’s my first look at Milk Market, a huge food hall with seating for 350 or more.  I can hear the alluring buzz even before the modernized liquor-friendly school yard comes into view. It’s a weeknight around 7pm and the place has a good buzz.  I am alone, without a friend, and it’s a bit like a school yard without a friend…but I quickly become enamored with the attractive and stimulating sights and tastes. What is the Denver Milk Market? The Denver Milk Market is a food hall by Denver Chef Frank Bonnano featuring 16 restaurants and bars.  It is part of the Dairy Block…a micro-district... Read More

Faces of Denver: Marie Litton

June 8th, 2018
Marie Litton

One of the women who have captivated the Colorado music scene since she was eight years old is Marie Litton. She began in music singing in her dad’s band at the state fairs. At 14, she picked up playing the guitar and from then decided that music was all she wanted to do. “I just wanna give the gift back of music. I’ve loved so many bands, you know, and music has always been my life. Now that I get to play it all the time, I just feel like it’s gift and people should use those gifts.” Marie said. Originally growing up in Pueblo, Marie sharpened her talents as a musician with her family... Read More

Old Fashioned: The Drink, The Bar, The Time at Charlie Brown’s Bar

May 22nd, 2017
Charlie Brown's Bar Denver

There are hundreds of places to grab a drink and relax after a long work week around Denver, but none are quite as unique or charming as Charlie Brown’s Bar. Located at 980 Grant Street, this bar was built in 1928 and is attached to one of the most famous and historic hotels in Denver — the Colburn. Most importantly though, it is a place you can go to not only relax (and get a really good steak), but also feel the history of Denver come alive around you! All you have to do is walk in the doors and grab a seat in one of the plush leather and mahogany arm chairs, order an old fashioned and take... Read More