Buildings, such as Amazon’s New Headquarters in Seattle, offer a glimpse of what Denver’s modern age of sustainability might begin to look like in the near future.

Much of the new economic success in Denver has been created by the promotion of sustainability and related  values, and Denver has become a leader across the world in sustainability. Furthermore, Denver’s infrastructure and transportation are rated amongst the most sustainably designed in the world. Increased sustainability reduces costs for businesses, enhances the quality of life for people, and reduces environmental impacts. Furthermore, the incorporation of innovative sustainable concepts into life in Denver has made the city more appealing for businesses and people alike.

This exciting new column will provide news related to Denver’s sustainability, infrastructure, transportation, energy industry, environmental challenges, as well as the local economic successes related to sustainable innovations and developments. The wide range of ways that you can benefit from improving the sustainability of your home, business, community, and individual self will also be discussed.

So, are you interested gaining valuable insight into Denver’s economy and infrastructure? Do you want to learn about new innovative projects, programs, and businesses in the region? Are you interested in learning how your business can gain the advantage by becoming more sustainable, and how this can be accomplished? Do you want to make your home more sustainable in the most effective and efficient ways possible? Do you want to learn how you can help protect the local environment, enhance local quality of life or increase community sustainability, or about local events aimed to achieve these goals? Do you want to learn about the dangers you face from environmental issues in the region?

This column will address these topics and illustrate the many ways that sustainability and related values are being promoted by people, business, and community alike in Denver!

These weekly On Denver articles will provide information every Tuesday on important topics related to local sustainability and environmental issues. Through reading this column, the audience will develop a strong understanding for what is going on in the region related to sustainability, environmentalism, and renewable energy. Business projects, community developments, events, community programs, environmental issues and challenges, economic progress, infrastructure and policy related to these topics will all be discussed in detail. If you are looking to learn about these subjects in Denver, this column will be indispensable to you! As a journalist specializing in these subjects, I look forward to sharing high quality, relevant information with my audience.

May 8th, 2017
As one of the original columnists for About Boulder, Corey has several years of experience educating his audiences on environmental topics and sustainability in Colorado. Corey is a candidate for University of Denver’s Masters in Environmental Management program and graduated from CU Boulder with a major in Environmental Studies, specializing in Natural Resources and the Environment. Corey has used his education to develop a powerful understanding of topics in sustainability, environmentalism, and the energy industry, and has gained extensive knowledge regarding the forces related to these topics that drive Colorado’s economy.