Cannabis health benefits_coast to coastMy wife Heather and I just returned to our home in Colorado from Miami, Florida this week. We were speaking at the U.S. Cannabis Conference and Expo about epilepsy, and the benefits of cannabis for fitness. We’ve had the opportunity to speak several times in Colorado this year, but this was our first time educating on the East Coast! In April of this year we spoke about the benefits of hemp for athletes at the Terpenes and Testing Magazine World Conference, in San Jose, CA. Now that we’ve had the chance to speak in Florida, we’ve officially covered the U.S. coast to coast in our efforts to spread the truth about cannabis and couldn’t be more excited for what’s next!

The education continues as we travel to Kansas City, MO for the MCIA Fall Business CCannabis health benefits_coast to coastonference, September 14-15! The MCIA is the Missouri Cannabis Industry Association. Cannabis health benefits_coast to coastMissouri was our home state for our entire lives before uprooting and moving to Colorado in 2015. We’re very grateful having the opportunity to return to help spread the truth about cannabis! This two-day business conference will include workshops and speakers dealing with a wide variety of issues that face the current industry, as well as challenges that will be encountered in a new market. This is a business focused event and we will be speaking about the marketing of cannabis through athletics. Business owners will learn best practices and strategies, why it’s important for cannabis brands to have a health and fitness focus, and how to get started.Cannabis health benefits_coast to coast

Cannabis health benefits_coast to coastIt doesn’t stop in September though! We’re going back to Missouri in October to speak at the Inaugural Missouri Medical Cannabis Conference! This two-day, patient focused event on all things cannabis is taking place October 27-28 in St. Charles, MO. The conference is for patients and physicians alike to learn from medical and industry professionals about medical Cannabis health benefits_coast to coastcannabis. Heather and I will be sharing about our move from Missouri to Colorado and educating Missouri patients and physicians about how cannabis can be part of a healthy and active lifestyle.

It’s been an incredible year for the cannabis industry so far, and I look forward to what the rest of the year has to bring. I feel very blessed having MJFITNUTthe opportunities to share the story of my relationship with cannabis, and to spread the truth about its benefits for health and fitness from coast to coast. I’m especially looking forward to returning to Missouri where medical cannabis is on the ballot for legalization this November. If you live in Missouri, vote yes on Proposition 2 to ensure an improved quality of life for Missourians!

Antonio is a sponsored cannabis athlete and the Co-Owner of Marijuana Fitness Nutrition, which encourages living a healthy and active lifestyle while promoting marijuana’s many benefits. A lifelong writer, with 15+ years of cannabis experience, he moved to Colorado in 2015, from Columbia, MO. It is here, in the incredible state of Colorado, where he’s found who he truly is. He earned his B.A. in Psychology at Columbia College while quickly climbing the ladder of bank management, before he and his wife decided to leave it all behind, to create more meaningful lives. He and his wife now advocate for their biggest passions, marijuana, fitness, and nutrition. Even when not advocating for the cause, Antonio spends his life orbiting around these three topics. If not in the gym, or enjoying Colorado’s many outdoor activities, he’s in the kitchen fueling organically for his next activity, all while consuming cannabis. On the rare chance you can catch him lounging, it will be on his plush couch, with his wife and two cats, watching Netflix through a veil of smoke.