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Best Denver Suburbs to Raise a Family

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When considering moving to Denver, selecting the right suburb is essential for families seeking a harmonious balance of lifestyle, education, and community. This guide focuses on the best Denver suburbs to raise a family, emphasizing factors that contribute to a fulfilling and nurturing environment. We understand that every family has unique needs, and our insights aim to cater to those, ensuring your move to a Denver suburb aligns with your aspirations for family living.

Exploring Denver Suburbs to Raise a Family and Their Landscape

The suburbs surrounding Denver present an idyllic setting for families, blending essential elements such as safety, excellent educational facilities, and a wealth of amenities. Emphasizing a secure environment, these neighborhoods are perfect for raising children. The schools in these areas are renowned for their comprehensive approach to learning, ensuring holistic development. In addition, these suburbs are replete with family-friendly features, including well-maintained playgrounds and libraries, making them much more than mere residential spaces – they are nurturing grounds for community and personal growth.

When contemplating a move to this region, there are several things to know before moving to Denver. The suburban areas around the city are not just about comfortable living spaces; they are vibrant communities designed to enhance family life. These neighborhoods offer a rare combination of peaceful suburban living with the vibrancy of nearby urban amenities. They stand as a testament to a lifestyle that values educational excellence, community engagement, and recreational variety, all essential for a fulfilling family experience in the Denver area.

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Top Denver Suburbs to Raise a Family: A Closer Look

Highlands Ranch

Known for its well-planned neighborhoods and excellent schools, Highlands Ranch is a top choice. The area boasts numerous parks and a sense of community. The median home price hovers around $550,000, offering a range of options for families.


This suburb is famous for its top-rated schools and beautiful parks. The Streets at SouthGlenn provide ample shopping and dining options. Centennial is ideal for those seeking a suburban feel without straying too far from urban amenities. Average home prices in Centennial are about $500,000.


Rich in history and charm, Littleton offers a more laid-back vibe. It has highly regarded schools and plenty of outdoor activities, with the South Platte River providing a scenic backdrop. The housing market is diverse, with an average price of around $475,000.


This area combines rural and suburban lifestyles. Its community events and excellent schools make it a family favorite. Outdoor enthusiasts love the nearby Cherry Creek Trail. Parker’s average home price is approximately $550,000.

Greenwood Village

Renowned for luxurious living and exceptional schools, Greenwood Village is an upscale option. It offers spacious parks and easy access to the Denver Tech Center. Homes here are pricier, averaging around $1 million.

Education and Opportunities: Schooling in Denver Suburbs

Denver suburbs are celebrated for their educational excellence. Highlands Ranch schools, for instance, are part of the Douglas County School District, known for high academic standards. Centennial offers diverse educational options, including charter schools like Challenge School. Littleton’s public schools are recognized for their strong arts and science programs. Parker, part of the Douglas County District, has some of the best schools in the region. Greenwood Village, within the Cherry Creek School District, provides top-tier education, making it highly sought-after by families prioritizing academic excellence.

Safety and Wellbeing: Ensuring a Secure Environment for Your Family

The suburbs around Denver are well-regarded for their safety, with low crime rates being a significant draw for families. Many of these neighborhoods have active community watch programs, enhancing the sense of security among residents. For instance, Highlands Ranch and Centennial have been consistently rated as some of the safest suburbs, thanks to their vigilant community efforts and responsive local law enforcement. Also, don’t forget that when considering relocation, families often hire labor-only movers to ensure an easy relocation into these secure communities, knowing their well-being is a top priority.

Community Living: Recreational and Social Opportunities

Denver suburbs excel in providing recreational and social opportunities for families. Highlands Ranch has over 25 parks and a comprehensive network of trails. Centennial prides itself on its community centers and sports complexes. Littleton’s historic downtown is a hub for community events and cultural activities. In Parker, the PACE Center hosts various events, from concerts to educational programs. Greenwood Village’s numerous parks and open spaces offer a peaceful retreat from city life. These suburbs not only cater to the physical well-being of residents but also foster strong community bonds through various family-friendly events and activities.

Accessibility and Convenience: Navigating Around Denver Suburbs

Accessibility in Denver suburbs is a key advantage. Most areas offer easy transportation options, both for commuting to Denver City and navigating within the suburbs. For example, Littleton boasts a robust public transit system, including light rail services to Denver. Shopping centers like Park Meadows in Lone Tree offer an appetizing new way to see Denver, combining retail, dining, and entertainment in one spot. These suburbs strike a balance between peaceful residential life and convenient access to urban amenities, making them ideal for families seeking the best of both worlds.

Real Estate and Affordability: Finding Your Family Home

The real estate market in Denver’s suburbs caters to a range of preferences and budgets. Highlands Ranch and Parker offer a variety of family homes, with prices averaging around $550,000. For those looking for more affordable options, Aurora presents a diverse housing market, with average prices closer to $400,000. Greenwood Village, on the higher end, offers luxurious homes with an average price of around $1 million. These suburbs not only provide different housing styles but also ensure that families can find a home that fits their financial situation.

Making the Move: Tips for Families Relocating to Denver Suburbs

Relocating to the Denver suburbs requires careful planning. When searching for a home, consider factors like proximity to schools, community amenities, and transportation options. Utilizing local resources can ease the process, offering insights and services tailored to family needs. For example, the Spyder Moving Denver website is one such resource. The site’s content is geared towards easing the challenges of suburban relocation by offering insight based on real-world moving scenarios. Also, exploring neighborhoods and talking to residents can provide valuable perspectives on the community. When settling in, engage with local events and organizations to quickly feel at home in your new suburb.

Final Words

The Denver suburbs present a compelling choice for families seeking a blend of safety, education, and community vibrancy. Each suburb offers unique features, from excellent schools and parks to affordable housing and convenient transportation. Selecting Denver suburbs to raise a family involves considering these diverse factors to ensure a lifestyle that aligns with your family’s needs and aspirations. Ultimately, the decision to move to one of Denver’s suburbs can lead to a fulfilling and enriching family life.

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