Taylor Wells is a multitalented photographer, graphic designer, video editor, and pretty much anything else that catches his artistic interest. His abstract photography uses various combinations of graphic design by modifying photos with different angles, perspectives, shapes, or adding different colors and textures to create his vivid images.

His interest in photography began when he was just 5 years old when his grandmother gave him her camera to experiment with at the zoo, “I just took random pictures of things. You would have never thought I was actually at the zoo, that was probably the beginning of the abstract photography.”

Inspired by his grandmother and his relentless work ethic, Wells continues his passions for photography and filmography today by capturing portraits, landscapes, and videos, all with his own unique spin. While having seemingly hundreds of projects at once, somehow Wells is still able to maintain great organization into what seems like an incredibly complex process. “I think being busy all the time is a family trait, my dad has always been very into his work and I think that has been passed on to me.”

Wells believes in living a life for what you love. “I just think, what is the point of living if you don’t enjoy yourself, you know? You can work forever but there isn’t a point to it if you aren’t living your best life.” Wells embraces this mentality in his projects with not just short-term portrait photography and videos, but also long term plans for the future. “I am hoping I can someday do something with creating video style backdrops for DJs to use during shows, or other ways that would get the crowd involved that no one has seen before.” At the end of the day however, his mission statement is simple. “I want to make the impossible, possible with my art.” Through his relentless creativity and innovation, he will surely make an impact.


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Graham Rendell is a native of Colorado, growing up in Evergreen, Denver, and Steamboat throughout various points of his life. He attended Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota where he completed his BA in Journalism and Public Relations. He also completed an Art minor due to his passion for photography. Not only is he an avid photographer and writer, but a passionate musician as well. When he is not taking pictures around Denver or writing, he is likely to be found playing guitar with his band, or teaching students how to play the instrument that has made a profound impact on his life. Graham is looking to further use his skills in writing and photography in the photojournalism field to promote not just his own work, but the beautiful state that he has spent the majority of his life in.