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Archive for September 2015

The First Sign Of The Apocalypse Is Johnny Depp Bothering To Act

Remember that one gangster movie? You know the one. It’s the one where the main crook talks about loyalty, but proceeds to screw over everyone to save his own skin? Okay, you need more information. It’s the one where the gangster teaches his adorable child questionable life lessons. How about, it’s the one where the […]

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There’s a few things that kids know, deep down on a molecular level. Fart jokes are never not funny. When your parents are in a hurry, that’s your cue to go slower. Old people are creepy and weird. Coming from someone who hopes to live long enough to be old, creepy, and weird, I know it’s […]

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I Wish I Could Pray Away War Room

Screenwriter William Goldman famously said that, “Nobody knows anything,” when it comes to Hollywood. His quote has remained true for numerous reasons. For decades, the idea that a market existed for “faith based*” entertainment was mostly laughable. But two events in the entertainment field took place that proved audiences would come out big time for it. […]

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A Sound Strong Enough To Crack The World

Straight Outta Compton is really two movies stitched together. The first movie is intense, angry, joyful, and it’s about a group of friends trying to escape the madness of a racist society through art. There’s a couple of scenes in the beginning that encapsulates that perfectly. First, young Ice Cube (O’Shea Jackson Jr.) sits on a […]

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