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November 16th, 2017

Coloradans ride come rain, snow, or shine!  Read More

Climbing the Chimney

May 20th, 2017

With warm weather on the rise (minus the recent snow storm), race season is kicking off. My first race of the season is on Saturday. This is a short run with a high intensity climb for the first two miles in Colorado Springs. Because of the incline my normal training routine was not going to work. So I researched trails close to me with an incline. I found what I was looking for in Golden, CO and my training trail quickly became Chimney Gulch Trail. Chimney Gulch Trail starts in Golden and climbs 2.5 miles up Lookout Mountain. During that 2.5 miles, be prepared to ascent 2000 ft.  The trail... Read More

Faces of Denver – David C. Lucas

May 13th, 2017

Ask any landscape photographer and they’ll tell you there’s a special connection shared by those hunting for the perfect shot. Shooting with David C. Lucas is a perfect example of this. David is a college admissions counselor and professional photographer from Flint, Michigan. He specializes in portraiture work, however, his love of photography began and continues with landscapes. He arrived in Denver on Tuesday for a conference he was a guest speaker at. While this is his very first time in the Mile High City, David immediately fell in love with Denver, saying, “I never knew the atmosphere... Read More