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Who’s Playing High at The Super Bowl?

February 3rd, 2018

    It’s time for the Super Bowl! I wonder how many of the athletes playing are consuming cannabis on a regular basis. Chances are, quite a few. Cannabis and football has been a hot topic over the past few years as more former NFL pros have come out of the green closet to advocate for its use as a medicine. Highlighted in Season 2 of the Netflix show, Disjointed, the Gridiron Cannabis Coalition got to make a public service announcement calling for the use of cannabis over opioids. The Gridiron Cannabis Coalition’s “mission is committed to the evolution of the natural healing elements... Read More

Faces of Denver – Elisa at Cafe Jordano

June 21st, 2017

Elisa left her hometown in Italy in 1979 for what was then just a small mid-western town in Colorado. Her journey certainly wasn’t an easy one, as she not only had to adapt to a new world, but didn’t even speak English. Coming from the population dense town of Naples, Elisa’s first impression of Colorado was “where is everybody?” Elisa found herself waiting tables at a Mr. Steak on the outskirts of Denver, and fell in love with working in restaurants. Opening a restaurant became a dream of hers, and in 1991, that dream became a reality. Café Jordano, named after her first son Jordan,... Read More