With population growth, economic growth, and environmental changes, it is easy to wonder what Denver is doing in specific to improve the quality of life in the region. Luckily for locals, many aspects of life in Denver are being improved by Denver’s Office of Sustainability’s 2020 Sustainability Goals.

Helping to create new affordable housing is one element of Denver’s new sustainability goals. (Picture courtesy of Denver Post)

The city’s relatively new plan to meet goals in sustainability by 2020, created in 2015, includes strategies that will improve the local quality of life through improving aspects of the local environment (Denver Office of Sustainability 2017). The people of Denver will be able to see this plan in action through improved aspects of life, specifically through the plan’s goals to improve local accessibility to potable water, local food, carpooling, public transportation, clean rivers and creeks, better walkways and affordable neighborhoods.

Denver’s local government is involved in many other initiatives as well through its 2020 Sustainability Goals Plan.  Denver’s new plan includes both community oriented goals and government oriented goals focused on improving aspects of air quality, climate, energy, food, health, housing, land use, materials, mobility, water quality, water quantity, and workforce.

Interested in seeing the progress being made? Read Denver’s 2016 progress report.


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As one of the original columnists for About Boulder, Corey has several years of experience educating his audiences on environmental topics and sustainability in Colorado. Corey is a candidate for University of Denver’s Masters in Environmental Management program and graduated from CU Boulder with a major in Environmental Studies, specializing in Natural Resources and the Environment. Corey has used his education to develop a powerful understanding of topics in sustainability, environmentalism, and the energy industry, and has gained extensive knowledge regarding the forces related to these topics that drive Colorado’s economy.