2019 has been a wonderful time for artist and new resident of Denver, Gay Germain for many reasons, most importantly living near family and also finding an art studio to work in and FooLPRoof Contemporary Art Gallery to exhibit her work, both in the Rino Art District of Denver.

Raised in the northeast, Germain was encouraged by her parents to pursue a “practical” career in business commencing in Airline Management and culminating in the executive recruiting industry. Simultaneously, she studied sculpture with internationally renowned sculptor Leonda Finke for many years. Her interest to expand her abilities guided her to the National Academy of Fine Art in NYC, for studies in Life Drawing, and later to the Robert Blackburn Printmaking Studio, NYC. These formative learning experiences became the foundation for a career as an artist and sparked a lifetime of continued learning. Germain also attended The Taos Institute of Art, The American Indian Art Institute in Santa Fe, New Mexico and the Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota Florida.

Throughout her artistic journey she experimented with various painting mediums and techniques that pushed her into new and unexplored areas. With this new freedom of working, she developed a love of using hard-edge geometric shapes as well as biomorphic shapes that has expanded her artistic vision.

Germain’s work has been exhibited and collected throughout the United States


“Painting gives me an opportunity to think about the things that are most important in my life. It allows me to express myself more completely than I can with words.

“Although I paint abstractly, content is important to my work. My goal is to reflect human nature, and develop universal visual stories from my own experience of life that I can share with others, allowing me to speak more directly to the viewer.

“While my work is dependent on fundamental principles of design such as form, color and composition, my creative process is much more free. The things I choose to develop, the shapes I leave, the elements I paint over, are inevitably a product of my own experiences, memories, and environment. This process combines both intuition and ordered structure, as well as a kind of playfulness. In this way I try to capture the personal conversations that we each have as we progress through life.”

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