Graduation – A word that inflicts both fear and excitement on the students who have achieved it. I admit, the idea of graduation next year does scare me. Having two internships, I fear the 9-5 schedule that I know would weigh down on my soul. I don’t want to move away from Boulder, nor do I want CU to be only a memory. You can’t go to school forever though (although many of my 5th year graduate friends are currently skeeming ways to stay in school). Graduating from the University of Colorado, Boulder means many things.

  • You’ve graduated from one of America’s most beautiful college campus’s
  • You’ve graduated from a top 100 nationally ranked university
  • You’re a part of 44% of students who actually graduate from CU (in 4 years)
  • You’ve survived CU’s party-school reputation – Ranked #3 by Playboy Magazine in 2013. Legendary.
  • You have a bright future ahead of yourself

Let’s face it, growing up has its downs, but it also has its ups. Everything that the world has to offer is right out your graduated fingertips. With diploma in hand and a degree to flaunt, it’s time for the graduates to make their way in the world – and it do it proudly, as a Buffalo.

Many have grabbed the buffalo by its horns and began their quest for greatness (…change). Many of my best friends who have graduated from CU this year are heading out for the big cities – One to Chicago and one to New York City – and why not?