With a stay-at-home order closing all non-essential businesses around the state, a significant number of people saw their coping mechanisms, recreational vices, and medication potentially becoming unaccessible. This ignited huge backlash and a wildly effective lobbying effort that exposed just how ‘essential’ cannabis and alcohol really are (or at least how powerful they have become).

The 2020 prohibition lasted a total of 2 hours, before residents of Colorado made it clear that the sale of cannabis and alcohol will not be stopped. Lines wrapped around blocks, and Polis’s phone rang off the hook, as the decision became indefensible against the public backlash. Ultimately, the decision had to be reversed as it appeared to be causing more harm than good, as people flocked to get stocked up. 2020 has been a lot of things, but we can now add “the year it was proven that pot has become essential to Colorado” to the list.

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