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The 2018 Summer Denver Whiskey Festival was a Hit and We’re Thirsty for the Next Spirits Festival

Hey Denver, how do you like to spend your summertime Saturday afternoons?                        

We know, we know; hiking up mountains, putting miles after miles on the bike, maybe even climbing some rock…but come ‘on, everybody needs a little balance! How about trying over a dozen incredible whiskeys, including some top distilleries local to Denver? That’s where Social Scene’s 2018 Summer Whiskey Festival at LoDo’s Highlands Ranch comes in. Lodo’s has more than 50 big screen HDTVs to broadcast sporting events and its iconic rooftop is one of the best spots to view the majesty and the beauty of the Colorado Rockies, as well as the amazing Mile High City sights.

Perched on a sunny patio overlooking the Denver skyline, an excited crowd gathered around to share a fun afternoon of music, tasty snacks, and, of course cheersing our thirst-quenching quarter shots of Whiskey! The vibe was friendly, and all the reps were excited to share the story behind their spirits. We never felt rushed to move on, or that we couldn’t hang out and ask questions. At the same time, the next taster was never far away. We came away from the 2018 Denver Whiskey Tasting Festival feeling like we drank the perfect amount, not enough to get hammered, but we were certainly calling that Uber to the next spot (Seriously, be safe out there Denver, don’t drink and drive)!

While we couldn’t go wrong with any of the selection, there were 2 strong standouts, the first being Weaver’s Spirits out of Loveland, Colorado.

It was a legendary 2,800 mile road trip across America that was the catalyst for Weaver’s Spirits. During that sizzling summer, a father and son duo, Matt and Ray Weaver, started to get a little thirsty and pulled off at a dusty watering hole and ordered a straight shot of whiskey in a dirty glass. After indulging in their first cowboy moment, and effectively quenching their thirst with that delicious shot of authentic Whiskey, they rode off into the sunset with the defining moment which would later become Weaver’s Spirits. Many years and rations later, Weaver’s was created.

Upon tasting, we noticed a well-balanced, nutty and fruity aroma. Weaver’s may be light, but packs a punch. Perfect for sipping over ice on a lazy weekend afternoon on the porch and soaking up some stunning Colorado views.

Matt and Ray Weaver may know how to craft some serious Whiskey, but also how to have a good time!  “Weaver’s Spirits is a family business here in Colorado that started with a passion for celebrating good times together with great spirits.  As a local Colorado business, we are always excited to support local events that bring folks together to sample and learn about the very thing that we’ve built our business on (and our favorite libation) – whiskey! Social Scene does an excellent job coordinating the seasonal whiskey festivals, bringing a wide selection of whiskies to the people in popular local venues here in the Denver area. With so many excellent whiskies at the 2018 Summer Whiskey Festival, we are very proud to be selected by as a stand out whiskey from this event! Thank you very much for enjoying our whiskey as much as we do! Cheers and let the good times roll!” – The Weaver Family, “Details Matter.”

Our next standout at the 2018 Summer Denver Whiskey Tasting Festival was Branch and Barrel. Headquartered just down the road in Centennial, CO, Branch and Barrel is a small-batch, handcrafted distiller who is known for their pure, smooth tasting bourbon. Their knowledgeable on-site rep, Gunnar, was able to walk us through the Branch & Barrel story in detail, and we were hooked.

The story goes like this… The B&B founders were working in Boulder, CO when they decided it could be a hell lot of fun to make an authentic whiskey in their spare time. They fashioned an old water heater into a still, and began to fiddle with different recipes. After many fruitless attempts, they found a formula that worked. Once successfully distilling a delicious white spirit, they turned to using cuttings from backyard tree branches to flavor their liquor, and stored them in mason jars. Hence the name ‘Branch & Barrel’.  After presenting their creation to close friends and family, they received the seal of approval and were encouraged to scale-up production and turn Branch & Barrel into a successful business, “using the same distilling process they used when America was just a glint in our founding father’s eye.”

Gunnar of Branch & Barrel truly enjoyed the Denver Summer Whiskey Festival. “The attendees were fun, inquisitive and honest. I felt proud to present a grain-to-glass Colorado Whiskey to the community. People were passionate about supporting local farmers, water providers, designers and distillers who had come together to create Branch & Barrel Whiskey! We at Branch & Barrel would be honored to continue representing and engaging with locals at the next event this winter.”


Social Scene Events

William Holdeman, (Social Scene President and Co Founder), Tamika Carlton, (Social Scene National Experiential Manager), and many members of the Social Scene team coordinated locally and remotely to produce a successful and engaging event. The Social Scene team was excited to offer an opportunity to connect local Whiskey aficionados, devotees and novices. In doing so, they effectively created a platform to build relationships with like-minded individuals and encouraged lasting memories for attendees.

The team looks forward to attending future Denver spirits Festivals coordinated by Social Scene.

You can expect more exciting local spirits brands at the upcoming Summer Tequila Tasting Festival in Denver on July 21st. We’ll see you there!

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