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TapKat–A New Way to Give Back

Supporting the community you live in and the causes you care about is how many nonprofits survive. Whether it is volunteering at food bank to fight hunger and food insecurity, donating a bike to a giveaway event, or pledging $5.00 a month to your favorite nonprofit, you want to contribute. Sometimes, however, it can be difficult to find new, fun ways to support the nonprofits you believe in because of a lack of free time or accessibility.

Fundraising for nonprofit organizations and bringing awareness to each mission can be a real challenge. I have volunteered with nonprofits and other community organizations in the past to help with fundraisers and events and they have always been a lot of work; often, the organization did not reach their fundraising goal.

TapKat features a different kind of online fundraising platform designed to be fun for donors and effective at attracting donors and meeting fundraising goals for nonprofits. With TapKat drawing contest fundraisers, you make a donation to support a cause you believe in and you get a chance to win a great prize like a vacation, a car, or a unique experience. TapKat makes it easy for people to learn about different nonprofits and enter drawings just by visiting the TapKat website.

TapKat designed their platform to eliminate campaign financial risk for the nonprofit. TapKat has structured their drawing fundraisers so there are no upfront costs for prizes or TapKat fees. TapKat sets up a drawing campaign site for the nonprofit with photos and descriptions of the prize, the fundraising goals, and the nonprofit’s mission. People enter by making a donation. Various levels of donation/ticket bundles are available for each drawing, starting as low as $10.00. The more you give, the more chances you have to win. While longtime donors can continue to support the nonprofit they are passionate about with a new way to donate, TapKat is also very effective at attracting new donors to a nonprofit’s cause.

What makes TapKat effective for nonprofit fundraising is how easily the drawing site can be accessed and how fast donations can be made. Over 60% of TapKat users visit their drawing sites on mobile devices, which means that spreading awareness for the fundraiser is as easy as texting a link to your friends and family. TapKat automation handles all details of the fundraiser for the nonprofit including donor information, entry numbers, and contest rules. Once the page is ready to launch, nonprofits can promote the drawing fundraiser with email blasts, social media posts, and posts on their own websites. Next, the donations start flowing in, which average $62.00. One key to TapKat fundraising success is that around 20% of donors will enter a drawing multiple times to increase their chances of winning.

Some of the front range nonprofits that have used TapKat include Foothills United Way, Ability Connect, and eTown. One organization, The Shelby American Collection, was able to raise $457,325 in nine months. The small car museum from Boulder was experiencing donor fatigue, but after 3 years of successful TapKat campaigns, the museum has grown its donor base from 800 people to over 15,000. That has helped them raise record amounts of money with the same fundraiser year after year.

Many nonprofits eventually experience the cycle of donor fatigue. Donors often need something new and exciting to get them engaged and donating again. TapKat has been proven to re-engage donors and help retain donors with the excitement of online drawing fundraisers. They can see the goal for fundraising and how much has already been contributed while checking out pictures of the exciting prizes. Instead of scrolling through long emails, everything they need to know is tightly packaged on one page, and giving is as easy as clicking the donate button. Since it is an online fundraiser, people from anywhere in the world–not just in the nonprofit’s local region–can easily and legally participate.

If the nonprofit organization you support or work for is in need of an exciting new way to raise money and increase awareness, TapKat might be a helpful option to explore. Find out everything you need to get started at or reach out to their team anytime.

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