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Local Literary Magazine Series: Stain’d

August 2nd, 2018
Stain’d Literary and Arts Magazine

Denver’s literary scene is flourishing thanks to the passionate persistence of its communities.  This vibrant community enables a diverse number of voices and modes for expression.  One of them being Stain’d Literary and Arts Magazine, a venture that has grown considerably over the past three years with an active community of workshop participants, open mic readers and attendees; their magazines are now distributed and sold across the country! I got in touch with Delia, the co-founder of Stain’d, to get further insight into their story and values. Where did Stain’d get its origins? Who... Read More

March into Denver’s Lighthouse

March 8th, 2018

If you’re involved in the Denver literary scene whatsoever, whether as a reader or writer, you’ve likely heard of Lighthouse before. This non-profit is run out of a two-story home just off of Colfax Avenue. It has the antique, homey feel of the area, and the ornate ceilings, light fixtures and furniture give the ambiance of being welcomed into a well-to-do writer’s home (though nobody actually lives here). Lighthouse hosts a number of free public events, readings, writer’s workshops, and offers membership perks such as writer’s hours, workshop discounts, and exclusive events. I can proclaim... Read More