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Through the Looking Glass

September 2nd, 2018

If you’re reading this, you’re online. It’s physically impossible to read what I’ve written without having some kind of device like a smartphone or laptop, electricity to power your expensive doodad, and an online connection. What does the online experience give us? The power of connection. You can check your college roommate’s status on Facebook, look at your boyfriend’s hiking video on Snapchat, or tweet mean things at the President and his Large Adult Sons.* Are we really connected, though? By 1995, the internet became totally commercialized, and virtually all of us established some... Read More

To Boldly Go

July 24th, 2016

We need Star Trek right now. Badly. The America of Stardate 2016 is fractured. Paranoid. Raging. We’re locked into a presidential election that rejects hope and embraces fear. The vast majority of us plan to vote against a particular candidate instead of being inspired by one. Our country is beset by problems and, when we should be coming together, we seem to be moving further apart. 1966 was a year not dissimilar to 2016. We were trapped in a seemingly endless war against a foe we barely understood. Public trust in institutions was eroding. But in Los Angeles, an ex-cop and television... Read More