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10 Hidden Gems in Colorado

March 9th, 2020

1. Hanging Lake The steep hike to Hanging Lake in Glenwood Springs is not for the faint of heart–signs leading up to the hike warn that it is steep and difficult if you are not used to the altitude. The view you get at the end, however, is 100% worth it. Hanging Lake has been the subject of some controversy over the years as tourists affect the natural ecosystem by going in the water or climbing on the wood running across, so be sure to be respectful. 2. St. Mary’s Glacier St. Mary’s Glacier (technically a snowfield) is a patch of snow that stays snow all year round. The glacier... Read More

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo- Animals, Giving Back, and Exercise

May 27th, 2017

All that training I did paid off last weekend. I completed my race in Colorado Springs at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. It was a great experience. The course went through the zoo and up the mountain to William Rogers Shrine. Over the first two miles we climbed 1000 feet and it was incredible and challenging; but worth it for the views. The course was on a nice road that usually does not allow foot traffic. This is the only race that the zoo allows foot traffic to the shrine. Even though you will not be able to walk to the shrine this year you can still visit the zoo and take the gondola up to the... Read More