The Pacific Frost cannabis strain is an indica-dominant hybrid. This bud is brought to us by the breeding masters at California. In terms of its lineage, as its name lets on, Pacific Frost Strain was created by crossing Pacific OG and Frosty marijuana strains. The plant is a beauty to look at, as the name suggests it has frosty green buds to complement it the buds are covered in white crystal trichomes. It has a sweet flavour profile with notes of grape and berry. The aroma has a similar sweet undertone.

The strain is known for its medical benefits. Patients who have used Pacific Frost find that it helps in treating conditions such as anxiety, nausea and attention deficit disorders. This smoke is suitable for users of all experience levels, if you are a newbie however, we would recommend taking a humble dosage to start off. It is worth noting that this is a strain best taken during the evening and nighttime as a way to wind down after a long day or week. It is not recommended for daytime use.

You are probably more curious about the kind of high that this weed will give you. Occasional users say that Pacific Frost gives you a strong body high. The high sets in with relaxing and calming sensations. This relaxation can include sedation, hence it not being ideal for daytime use. This strain is known to bring on positive vibes. Even if you had a lot of burdens weighing down on your mind, this strain can have you feeling more positive almost immediately. It is a good smoke for having a chill session with friends as it will have you feeling happier than usual. If you have been experiencing any level of lethargy, this is the perfect strain for you.

On this high, you will begin to feel energized to complete even the most mundane tasks. Try doing a pile of laundry on this high or even working out. Pacific Frost can also give you a creative edge. On this high, you can have a decent brainstorming session and complete any artistic projects you need to. Some users find that the strain launches them into giggling fits, another reason why this strain is great for smoking with friends. Enjoy the laughs as you puff and pass.

The calming effect helps in soothing various ranges of pain you might be suffering from. Patients with migraines and headaches can find quick relief from this strain. Pacific Frost is also an effective pain management medical marijuana solution for women’s health. It can effectively soothe menstrual cramps. People who suffer from muscle spasms can also use Pacific Frost as a treatment. As earlier mentioned, the strain’s mood uplifting properties help in relieving mental health issues. It is helpful for patients with chronic stress, anxiety and panic disorders as well as depression and attention deficit disorders. Most cancer patients going through chemotherapy suffer from unbearable nausea and lack of appetite. Pacific Frost has properties that help to settle the stomach while stimulating appetite. A negative side effect of this strain, as with most weed strains, is dry mouth.


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