Walker Fine Art is a lofty gallery in LoDo specializing in contemporary fine art. Their exhibitions feature works from a wide variety of local and nationally recognized artists. Their latest exhibition has just been announced: Organic Subtleties premiers September 6th and showcases the work of six phenomenal artists from around the country.

Cupid’s Lips, by Cara Enteles

The natural world is bursting with infinite colors, shapes, and shadows, in a fluid progression through time. The selected artists study, dissect, and dissemble these subtleties, intensifying some aspects that may go unnoticed by the average passerby. Subtlety is, by nature, difficult to grasp. However, it can be found in the most ordinary of circumstances when seen in a different light.

Karin Schminke is a visual artist currently based in Washington. She holds an MFA from the University of Iowa and has taught at the University of Wisconson-Eau Claire, California State University Northridge, and the Laguna College of Art and Design. Her work is inspired by structures found in her garden. Drawing from life, memories, and dreams, her paintings blur the line between time and space, creating illusions of simultaneity. Over the past 25 years, her work has been included in collections nationwide.

Cara Enteles is a painter based in New York. Her work is rooted in her fascination with and study of the natural world. Her selected paintings are from a series that explores symmetry in nature. She transforms shapes like tree branches into geometric landscapes. Her palette consists of earthly tones inspired by atmospheric conditions. Enteles expertly captures the experience of rain, mist, and fog through the changing seasons.

Relentless, by Doug Haeussner

Doug Haeussner is a mixed media artist based in Denver. His work is multifaceted, combining a variety of styles. For his latest series, Haeussner used deconstructive photography to explore nature’s cyclical pattern of creation, existence, and decay. His goal is to reveal how interesting the ordinary can be by offering a fresh perspective on the beauty, ugliness, or absurdity of the world around us.

Atticus Adams is a sculptor based in Pittsburgh. He comes from a long line of creatives, and was formally trained at Yale, Rhode Island School of Design, and Harvard’s School of Architecture. He seeks to harness the power of art to build new creations from repurposed industrial materials. The concept of recycling is key to Adams’ work and vision; he transforms mundane, discarded objects into dazzling works of art. “Metal mesh is a beautiful, flexible material that allows you to explore shadow and transparency in endless ways,” he says. “The material lends itself to these biomorphic shapes, which aren’t necessarily intentional. The sculptures seem fragile but are actually quite resilient, like nature itself.”

Stainless Flora, by Atticus Adams

Chris Richter is a visual artist based in Laguna Beach. His abstract works are focused on the unobserved subtleties in nature. His use of color, detail, and form aims to capture varying atmospheric conditions. Though abstracts can be difficult to pin down, Richter’s bond to the natural world and the inspiration he draws from it are obvious in his works.

Brian Comber is a local artist specializing in vibrant watercolors. His carefully choreographed pieces are intertwined with themes of poetry, history, and philosophy. In addition to watercolor, he is well versed in printmaking, oil painting, and intaglio. Comber’s selected works are a whirlwind of color, described as “a process of metamorphosis and aesthetic intuition.”

Walker Fine Art is located at 300 W. 11th Avenue Suite A, in Denver. Gallery hours are Tuesday thru Saturday, 11-5, or by appointment. Organic Subtleties is showing September 6th thru November 2nd. There will be an opening reception on the 6th from 5-9 pm, and artists will be in attendance. Don’t miss your chance to see this expertly curated collection.

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