“Relax, it’s all here” is the motto of the Oasis Cannabis Superstore located on 44th ave and Chase St in the Denver-Metro area. This superstore lives up to its motto by being a one shop stop for all of your needs. Helping over several thousand customers weekly, it is the tourist destination location with over 200 strains available at your fingertips.

The CEO of Oasis prides himself on having the largest variety of products in  a recreational pot shop in the United States. There is a variety concentrates and flower, an edible wall and soon, a designated space highlighting glass work from the top glass blowers in the States. The CEO also prides himself on the integrity of the company. It is evident that the CEO has a strong moral compass and is passionate about creating a safe space for not only the customers, but employees as well.

Oasis has been opened since 2009 medically and opened a recreation shop next door in January of 2014. The superstore has created an abundance of foot traffic for the town of Mountain View. There are indeed plans to improve the curb appeal of the superstores.  They petitioned to redo the astro turf and are having a glamorous digital sign put up within a few months. They are hoping to inspire their community with taking charge in revamping their town.

I will admit, the Oasis superstore was impressive. The clerks were friendly, respectful and informative. The brightly lit shelves filled with flower and concentrates satisfied any curiosity I had on a new way to get stoned.  Don’t just take my word for it, visit your dream Oasis at 5430 W 44th Ave and 6359 E Evans Ave today.


Monica Lloyd is an internationally recognized photographer that recently moved back to her home state of Colorado after spending some time in Seattle. She graduated in June of 2016 with a BFA in Photography and a minor in Entrepreneurship from Seattle University. Monica has love for all people, believing that each individual has their own unique story to tell. Photographers have the ability to recognize beauty in others and then capture that as a gift to give to their subjects. She hopes to continue to inspire her subjects, viewers and herself daily through her photography.