When it comes to art exhibitions, interactive installations are in a league of their own. They’re becoming more and more popular thanks to groups like Meow Wolf, Punchdrunk, and Denver’s own Prismajic. They mix large-scale art installations with theatrics and curiosity to transform the viewer into an active participant. Each installation is unique and typically temporary. The Museum of Outdoor Art is currently hosting one such project called Natura Obscura.

Natura Obscura is a fully immersive art experience. If you’ve been to Meow Wolf in Santa Fe, this will be a familiar concept. It blends sculpture,  futuristic technology, and old-fashioned creativity into a hands-on nature walk through a fantasy landscape complete with relevant quotes from historical luminaries. The installation consists of six sections showcasing natural beauty with a fantasy twist. You’ll see an aurora borealis, a cloud room complete with a swing, a moonlit waterfall, flora and fauna galore, and much more. When you step inside, you enter a world of imagination that’s equally exciting for all ages. Natura Obscura even features a downloadable app that lets you further interact with your surroundings. Scenery lights up and comes alive as you approach. It’s part fun-house, part nature hike, and part time machine. Bring your imagination and they supply the rest.

Photo credit: 303 Magazine

Photo credit: Heather Longway

The Museum of Outdoor Art is a huge indoor/outdoor art and event space in Englewood. Imagined as a museum without walls, it covers an expansive area around the Englewood Civic Center. It also encompasses Fiddlers Green Amphitheater. This exhibition is something out of the ordinary for MOA. Visitors typically go there for the large outdoor sculptures, concerts and fine art displays. Natura Obscura promises to bring in a larger, more diverse crowd.

Natura Obscura was produced by the Museum of Outdoor Art and immersive art creators, Prismajic.

Their company is a little hard to describe, but they create unique, interactive art experiences in collaboration with local artists. Natura Obscura runs through April 28th at 1000 Englewood Parkway, in Englewood. It’s open to the public at 10 am every day but Monday. For tickets or more info check out their website at naturaobscura.org.

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