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Monday Motivation: Trick or Treat Motivation

Trick or Treat MotivationHi Everyone, Happy Monday!  This coming Wednesday is one of the best opportunities of the year to witness some of the highest levels of motivation and determination.

The goal?  CANDY!

I am a firm believer that there is so much we can learn from children and by adopting a childlike mindset.   For this week’s motivation I am going to borrow lessons that we can all learn from kids as it applies to the adventure of trick or treating.

I cannot help but think of the sheer determination millions of children across the US put into action on Halloween.   I don’t know about you, but I certainly remember the excitement I felt as a child when I was allowed, and encouraged by my parents, to dress up, run from house to house and ask for candy.  Wow…what a holiday!   Being very competitive in nature, I was all about loading up with as much candy as I possibly could carry.  The word “motivated” does not even come close to describing the hysteria I felt around this pursuit of candy…and that was even before I had overloaded on sugar.   I’m not sure if you can relate to this childhood craziness, but regardless, this Wednesday you will have an opportunity to witness it firsthand!

Let’s pause for a moment and consider what a child must face and overcome to achieve this grand goal of obtaining as much Halloween candy as possible.

1. First of all, they have to face and overcome their fears. That might be as simple as going up to a house and ringing  a door bell alone.   Then there are the homes that go all out to make their house as scary as possible.   They really like to make the kids work for those treats.   In my opinion those scary houses really should be handing out full-size candy bars after putting those kids through such turmoil.

Trick or Treat MotivationTrick or Treat Motivation

2. Second, they must be willing to look different, strange or weird. Putting on a costume can be risky.  It might physically be uncomfortable.  It might be difficult to see out of or walk in, and other people might laugh at you.   Wearing a costume takes courage.   I always give extra candy to the kids that go all out!

Trick or Treat Motivation        Trick or Treat Motivation

3. Third, they must talk to strangers. This part of trick or treating is rather ironic since usually kids are told to “not” talkTrick or Treat Motivation to strangers, yet on this day of the year, not only are they told to talk to strangers but to also ask them for candy!  This could be confusing for some kids, understandably so!

Trick or Treat Motivation4. And lastly, they must deal with all kinds of weather. Rain, snow or freezing temperatures.  If they want the candy, they must brave the elements!



How can this apply to your life?   First of all, how badly do you want what you say it is that you want?

Are you willing to:

  1. Face your fears?
  2. Risk looking different or “weird”?
  3. Be open to talking to new people? And maybe even asking them for something?
  4. Go up against any conditions that are out of your control and press forward in spite of those conditions?

Is what you want worth it to you?   If your answer is yes, then here is my challenge to you this week:

  • Do ONE thing that scares you but moves you closer toward obtaining a goal.
  • Have fun watching kids as they trick or treat, and maybe even give some extra candy to your favorite costume!

Have a wonderful week and Happy Halloween!

Julie Dale is an author, certified coach, motivational speaker and former world-class athlete. She embraces life to fullest.  Ever since she was a child she has always pursued big dreams with enthusiasm and determination. In high school she was a state champion cross country runner, and later in life she went on to be a professional cyclist competing all over the world for Team Saturn and the US National Team.  She finished 6th in the 2000 Olympic Trials and represented the USA in the Winter World Triathlon championship in Norway in 2006.  She also competed in elite adventure races throughout the US. Her competitive drive has served her well in the business and the entrepreneurial world as well.  She has trained and coached sales people to triple their previous sales records. In 2014 she began creating wealth in real estate investing by doing fix and flips, wholesale deals and creative acquisitions.  As a successful real estate investor, she coaches individuals who want to pursue investing as a source for passive income. A common thread throughout her life has been a love for people and encouraging those around her to live their best lives.  People often come to her with questions of how they can do what she does. She is always happy to share her insights and lessons along the way, while embracing her own ongoing journey of learning and growth. With years of life experience she has recently launched her coaching business and is working with individuals and teams to live a life they truly love.   Aside from being a mom, this work is the most fulfilling work Julie has ever done. There is nothing better than seeing people come to life and experience the joy and abundance that she believes is everyone’s birthright.

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