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Monday Motivation: Life IS Good! The Power of Positivity

Life is GoodOn Friday I had the privilege of hearing Bert Jacobs, founder of the Life is Good company, share his story and wisdom.  I was inspired and motivated and I would like to share some of those nuggets with you today for your Monday Motivation.  Many of us have heard that thinking positive thoughts is beneficial.  What Bert and his brother John have created in their company, Life is Good, is far beyond just thinking positive thoughts, they have created an optimism movement!

Their company did not initially start with that optimistic vision.  In fact, by all business statistics their attempt at building a successful company Life is Goodhad failed.  However, as Bert stated in his speech on Friday, “Optimism is most powerful in adversity.”   They proved that to be true in their own lives when they came up with their first Life is Good Shirt featuring their original character, Jake. They quickly discovered that people were craving a positive message when they sold out all inventory of the initial Jake shirt in 45 minutes.  Their mother taught Life is Goodthem the power of this message while growing up in difficult circumstances.  At dinner every night she asked everyone to share something good that happened that day.  The message of positivity is the foundation of their company and continues to inspire people across the world. They give 10% of the profits of the company to children in need through the foundation they created called Life is Good Kids Foundation.

If you think the idea of optimism is a bunch of feel good fluff, allow me to share with you some real-life stories where this type of thinking has changed, and even saved lives.  Bert shared the story of Lindsey Beggan, who at 10 years old was diagnosed with cancer.  She kept a positive outlook throughout her treatment, wearing her Life is Good beanie daily since she had lost her hair from the chemo.  She maintained the belief that Life is good, no matter what.  She beat cancer and is alive and thriving 17 years later!

Another story, from our home state of Colorado, is Dave Mortell.  I met Dave and his wife, Beth, through the adventure racing community and thanks to Facebook, I have been able to follow their journey and his battle against cancer.  Although we are acquaintances, not close friends, I have witnessed his fight and admire the positivity and faith that he and Beth have sustained throughout his courageous duel against cancer.  On Saturday he posted that the cancer has decreased another 20% for a total of 80% decrease, and another 20% to go.  His attitude is such that he is confident that he will beat the remaining 20%.  Never in one post did I see either he or Beth feel sorry for themselves or get angry about their circumstances.  They have maintained a positive outlook intermixed with a lot of humor.  I have no doubt he will win this fight.

A mentor of mine, Mary Morrissey, was given, at the most, 6 months to live in 1966 when diagnosed with a fatal kidney disease.  A stranger shared with her a new way of thinking and visualizing that not only saved her life, but forever changed her future path.  She has been teaching these principles for over 40 years now.  At 69 years young, she continues to enjoy an abundant and healthy life.

Although, there is no scientific proof that positive thoughts will cure disease, many studies have shown that positivity boosts longevity and overall mental health.  So, why not apply it to your daily life?  I am also a firm believer in random acts of kindness.  Why not share positive things to people you encounter every day?  Sometimes a warm smile can completely redirect someone’s day.   The power of optimism is real.  In closing, Bert reminded all of us that we have a choice about how we look at life.  Why not focus on the positive and making this world a better place?Life is Good

Your challenge this week:

  • Do one random act of kindness (certainly more than one is welcome!)
  • Share #onepositivethought on Life is Good social media where they will donate $1 per comment to the Life is Good Kids Foundation!
  • Check out Bert and John Jacobs full story here:

Julie Dale is an author, certified coach, motivational speaker and former world-class athlete. She embraces life to fullest.  Ever since she was a child she has always pursued big dreams with enthusiasm and determination. In high school she was a state champion cross country runner, and later in life she went on to be a professional cyclist competing all over the world for Team Saturn and the US National Team.  She finished 6th in the 2000 Olympic Trials and represented the USA in the Winter World Triathlon championship in Norway in 2006.  She also competed in elite adventure races throughout the US. Her competitive drive has served her well in the business and the entrepreneurial world as well.  She has trained and coached sales people to triple their previous sales records. In 2014 she began creating wealth in real estate investing by doing fix and flips, wholesale deals and creative acquisitions.  As a successful real estate investor, she coaches individuals who want to pursue investing as a source for passive income. A common thread throughout her life has been a love for people and encouraging those around her to live their best lives.  People often come to her with questions of how they can do what she does. She is always happy to share her insights and lessons along the way, while embracing her own ongoing journey of learning and growth. With years of life experience she has recently launched her coaching business and is working with individuals and teams to live a life they truly love.   Aside from being a mom, this work is the most fulfilling work Julie has ever done. There is nothing better than seeing people come to life and experience the joy and abundance that she believes is everyone’s birthright.

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