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Loophole Allows Gun Sales in Colorado Without Background Check

There is a massive backlog is background checks for gun sales due to a spike in applications from coronavirus fears coupled with the restrictions from the Colorado Bureau of Investigation employees who are working remotely.

Under federal law, the CBI has three days to approve or deny a gun sale–if this deadline is not met, it is up to the discretion of the seller to decide.

The bureau is working through a backlog of nearly 9,000 applications, making a process that usually takes around 8 minutes take around 4 business days.

“Obviously we’re in a different time,” CBI spokesperson Susan Medina said. “This isn’t a situation where we can’t throw staff members in a room and they can knock this down.”

At least one store has sold a weapon that should not have been approved, and the bureau is working to recover that weapon.

The CBI says in an effort to accommodate the increase in demand, it has expanded the hours of its InstaCheck system and is cross-training staff members to assist in the background check process

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