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How Coloradoans Can Help Their Neighbors During the Coronavirus Shutdown

It can be easy to get scared and begin to think selfishly in such an unusual time as this, but now more than ever it’s important to reach out to your fellow Coloradoans to offer any help possible. Social distancing does mean to stay six feet away, but it doesn’t mean to ignore everyone around you as long as you have hand sanitizer (even if your neighbors don’t). Here’s a few ideas on staying neighborly in Colorado during the outbreak.

1. Maintain social distancing, even if you’re young and healthy

As there is not a vaccine for the coronavirus yet, everyone has to bank on the herd to help keep the spread of the virus under control. This means limiting the time you spend in public places and keeping your distance. You may be healthy, but a healthy person can pass the virus on to an at-risk person, and we’re all trying to avoid that. That being said, you may feel the need to visit the grocery story to stock up, which brings us to our next point…

2. Offer to bring groceries to neighbors (and leave the groceries at the door)

Grocery delivery services are struggling with an increase in demand, and grocery stores are running low on supplies that people have stocked up on. If you have toilet paper, you probably don’t need to grab five boxes of toilet paper on your next Costco run. Instead, consider that your elderly neighbor may need actual groceries, like food, but doesn’t feel safe leaving the house to get them. Reach out to these people to see if they need help, and if you have some supplies stocked up, offer to share what you can for those who need them.

3. If you’re tech savvy, offer to help those who are not

With many jobs and schools going online, there are many that will be struggling just to set up their webcam, let alone how to join the call they’re supposed to be on. Reach out to neighbors who may be struggling and offer to help in this transitional time.

4. Practice good hygiene, especially in public areas

You may be washing your hands more now than you ever have before, but are you considering the grocery cart whose handle you’re touching? Or the door handle for your apartment building? Make sure to wash before and after touching these things, and wipe them down as often as possible.

5. Help the little guys as much as possible

Small businesses will be suffering greatly during this time as there is less foot traffic and no bailouts to help them. Consider helping out small businesses by buying gift vouchers to use at a later time when the virus is not spreading.

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