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Featured Band - Last Minute in Boulder CO

Featured Band - Last Minute
Boulder, CO
KMGLife Inc.'s sonic mashup of pop, soul, funk and rock delivers the fresh, contagious energy of Last Minute. The band began in 2013 as a group of session musicians and power vocalists originally from Denver, Colorado. Studio owner and musical director, Greg Kimble’s vision of becoming the next “Motown” sparked the idea for the concept of Last Minute, rooted in the Funk Brothers of Motown Records. With similar aspirations to drastically change the music industry, Last Minute strives for their “KMG sound” and distinctive brand name to one day become as recognizable as the “Motown sound.” These accomplished individuals each have their own superior style, yet blend together exquisitely to create a fluid performance that showcases their remarkable strength as a unified team. Most of their tunes are inspired by R&B, funk and soul grooves. The band plays a wide variety of both covers and originals, appealing to audiences of all ages. Follow them on social media!

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