For some couples, it can be frustrating to go out into a wintery landscape and work together as a team.  I for one say it’s important to get outside as a couple, and learning how to ski or snowboard or even teaching your significant other how can really help build a relationship. Now granted you need to be patient, and learning how to do either can be a slightly steep learning curve but once you are both proficient it can become a great bonding experience. Here are some of the reasons why.

1. Alone time

Even if you live with your significant other it is often hard to actually find time to be alone.  Think about it. If you both have full-time jobs and let’s say work a very conservative 9-5 you are typically only spending a few hours awake each day together. I know there isn’t a slope in Colorado where you can be “alone” anymore but hitting the slope with someone you love allows you to create your own world, no one else out there matters. This is a chance to spend some quality time together, make it count. Plus when you head to the slopes you are basically going to spend at least 8 hours or so with your significant other. This can mean a lot of alone time to talk and bond.

2. Improves Communication

Sticking together on a ski slope means a bit of planning every time you are getting off a lift.  “Which side are we getting off on? Skiers left?” “What lift should we meet at if we get separated?” “Which run do you want to hit next?” Just a few of the things you’ll be deciding throughout the day. Not to mention the long lift line and lift ride talks about life, love, and what’s for dinner.  An open line of communication is important to a successful relationship and we tend to get into a routine of short answers and digital distractions in this day and age. Get off your phone get outside and connect with your human.

3. Shared Stoke

It is no secret that skiing and snowboarding are adrenaline-fueled high stoke activities.  There are few things more rewarding than an adrenaline and dopamine dump from landing a jump or sending a cool line or successfully getting down your first black diamond. These experiences are so much better when shared with someone. Talking about those experiences with your loved one only increases the stoke and makes you both feel better about your day.

4. Builds Trust

Having to rely on each other, splitting up who carries snacks, the flask, and lunch.  Carrying an extra set of hand warmers or a goggle wipe. Having to stick together for the most part and communicate helps build a bond and actually forces you to rely on each other. Basic behaviors like these often get pushed to the wayside in everyday life. It is important to continually build trust throughout your relationship and know you can rely on each other.

5. Healthy Competition

If you are both close to the same skill level this can get real fun.  Playing follow the leader and challenging each other to complete tree runs or ride a run that is above your perceived skill level adds to the fun.  Even if one of you is much more advanced than the other it is still fun to set up little challenges for each other so that hopefully you

both progress your skill level.  Remember too that riding with someone better than you only makes you better and sharing in that advancement of skill helps build your relationship even stronger.

So get out there, brave the crowds, pack a lunch, and stash a few beers in your backpack. Go explore Colorado’s winter wonderland and learn some new tricks with your significant other. As long as you both remember to be patient and supportive you will walk away from the day with a renewed trust and appreciation for each other.

I want to thank Glen and Alana from @the.wilderness.collective for these amazing pictures.  Give them a follow and check out their website at these two do some great work and I can’t recommend them enough.  


Martin is just an adventure loving guy, any adventure really, but he particularly loves the outdoors in Colorado.  Having grown up in Colorado for most of his life he has been camping since before he could walk.  When he isn’t out in the Colorado wilderness, camera in hand,  camping, hiking 14ers, rock climbing, snowboarding, or brewing beer he is a Marketing and Business Development Coordinator.  Martin has a personal motto that states “Don’t Die on the Couch” and he does his best to live up to it by getting out on an adventure every chance he gets. You can visit his blog at and his photography site at  or follow along with his instagram @martysmash