With so many gatherings cancelled due to coronavirus, you may be wondering what you can even do this weekend to stay entertained. Worry not, for we’ve compiled a list of the top three things you can do to stay busy.

1. Drink a microbrew (not a Corona)

You’re in Colorado, so you have plenty of beers to choose from. Although alcohol does not get rid of coronavirus (despite the 44 deaths in Iran from alcohol poisoning this week in an effort to kill coronavirus), a beer has never hurt anyone. Also, you can drink Corona, as it’s not related to the virus, but why would you want to?

2. Catch up on that TV show you’ve been putting off

You’re already working from home at this point, so you might as well really get comfortable and start on that really long series that everybody has seen but you keep saying “I’ll watch it when I have some more free time!” Now is your free time. Start Breaking Bad.

3. Play Fry Thief

This game was made by a Colorado native, and it’s meant for two players, so you don’t have to bring any elderly family members over to play. It’s a game about poor life choices. Like that time you tried to be healthy and ordered a salad and your friend ordered fries. And how you’re going to have “just a few” to make up for your poor life choice.