Top 5 Facts about Sploofy – The Personal Indoor Air Filter. Today I present to the Top 5 Facts about the amazing indoor air filter known as the Sploofy.

Fact Number 5: What is a Sploofy?

Sploofy is a personal smoke filter for people who want to smoke indoors without the smoke and smell. It’s designed with a replaceable cartridge function, so that you can easily switch out cartridges without having to throw the whole unit away.

Fact Number 4: How Was Sploofy Invented?

In 2014 three crazy college stoners first witnessed a “sploof” in action, which is when you blow smoke out of your lungs and through a cardboard tube stuffed with toilet paper or dryer sheets. They quickly realized the world needed something that worked and looked a lot better.

Dryer sheets only temporarily mask the smell, but they don’t eliminate smoke or odor, leaving odor to linger. The Sploofy filters are made using high quality HEPA, the same technology used for lab tech clean room environments. Sploofy contains premium activated carbon made from coconut shells that absorbs odor at it’s source.

Fact Number 3: How Long Do The Filters Last?

According to the guys at Sploofy there’s isn’t a definitive answer to this. A Sploofy cartridge can last anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, depending on the user. Using a 12″ straight shooter water pipe they were able to pack 300 personal sized bowls through the Sploofy.

It also works with dabs and vaperizers but it doesn’t work as effectively with joints or blunts because it can’t capture the smoke burning from them.

Fact Number 2: How to Clean Your Sploofy?

The best way to clean the Sploofy is to use paper towels and rubbing alcohol to clean areas with resin build-up. Giving your Sploofy a sanitary wipe will help prolong its use. You can even extend the filter’s usage by twisting off the cartridge from the mouthpiece and let it air dry overnight. That will allow the moisture to evaporate and extend the life of your filter up to 30%!

Fact Number 1: How Does It Work?

Grab just enough for a personal hit so it doesn’t stay lit and continue to smoke after your toke.

Once the bowl is almost empty, give it a quick, deep inhale to clear the bowl leaving nothing behind.

Now, here’s where you’re gonna grab your trusty Sploofy and hold it up against your mouth. Be sure you’ve created a tight seal and – just like blowing out the candles on a birthday cake – exhale straight into the mouth piece. The smoke will travel through Sploofy’s carbonated filters and trap any impurities along the way, thus, releasing an odorless stream from the other end.